Julio Jones Took Out Sideline Security Guard During Sunday’s Game [Video]

Julio Jones Tackles Security Guard

Julio Jones tackled more than just football players during Sunday’s game against the 49ers. Jones accidentally took out a security guard during the only time he went out of bounds in the first quarter.

His actions during the first quarter were almost perfect. The Falcons’ receiver caught five passes, gaining 100 yards and a touchdown.

And, while it wasn’t meant to be for the Falcons, who eventually lost the game by four points, it also wasn’t meant to be a good day for the Georgia dome guard.

Yahoo! Sports reports that Jones dove out of bounds on a play, smacking straight into the oblivious guard. Considering the guard’s lack of padding and Jones’ power, it was a scary moment on the field.

The game delayed briefly as the guard lay motionless on the ground for several minutes. Thankfully, the guard was able to get to his feet and walk out of the stadium under his own steam, according to USA Today.

The sideline is an understandably dangerous place to be during a pro football game. It is crowded with players, coaches, officials, media, and security guards. Given the massive crowd, there isn’t a safe place for a football player to run out of bounds — or in this case, fly out of bounds.

Sean Payton, the New Orleans coach, was taken out by a player in 2011. He suffered torn knee ligaments. Joe Paterno and Charlie Weiss have also suffered serious injuries after being hit on the sidelines. ESPN analyst Herm Edwards stated:

“With the media now, there’s people on both sides of the 30, and there’s no room for anybody to go. If you’re not paying attention and you don’t know where that ball is, you’re done.”

It’s likely that the Georgia security guard tackled by Julio Jones will spend more time looking at the field in future games.