Kailah Casillas Talks ‘The Challenge,’ Which ‘Stars’ Were She Most Excited To Meet? [Exclusive]


Kailah Casillas is currently starring on the 32nd season of The Challenge, Champs vs. Stars.

During a new interview with Inquisitr, the longtime reality star, who first appeared on The Real World: Go Big or Go Home in 2015, opens up about the new dynamic of The Challenge, as well as her co-stars, her experiences, and her relationship with fellow reality star Scheana Marie.

Inquisitr: What were your first thoughts about the new season of The Challenge?

Kailah Casillas: I honestly didn’t know what to expect because this one was so different from what I’m used to, but the stars seemed really tough and competitive, so it made me excited to show them what The Challenge was all about.

Where you excited to meet any of the ‘Stars’ of the show?

I was definitely excited to meet Brooke Hogan and Drake Bell. I had watched both of them on TV growing up, so meeting them was crazy. And competing against them/alongside them on an MTV show was something that 11-year-old Kailah would have never expected.

Which of your new co-stars did you hit it off with the most?

Well, it’s a competitive game, and in my head, the stars were all the enemy, so I wasn’t really trying to befriend any of them right off of the bat. Brooke Hogan and I didn’t really understand each other at first. We have polar-opposite personalities, but now her and I text at least once a week. I’m happy that her and I have created a new friendship.

Which co-stars did you butt heads with?

I definitely butted heads most with Selita. I’m sure if you have watched the first couple of episodes you would totally understand what I’m saying.

How do you stay focused on the events of the show, rather than the ongoing drama?

Honestly I don’t. I tend to always be in the middle of all of the drama, and it’s not because I’m meaning to seek it, but it just kind of finds me. At the same time, though, I always know that the main goal is to win and get to the end, so it’s just a balancing act when it comes to staying focused.

What do you like most about participating on The Challenge?


Do you spend time with any of your past/present co-stars off-set?

Oh yeah, absolutely. The Challenge is such an ongoing show that it tends to just blend with my regular life now. So, a lot of my closest friends are people that are on the cast with me. They’re family. It’s a crazy, messed up, dysfunctional family.

How did you meet Scheana Marie?

I met Scheana through my boyfriend. They had been friends for a few years, I think through mutual friends, and then she was doing her show out here in Vegas and he thought that we would get along really well. So, he introduced us and he was right.

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Are you a fan of Vanderpump Rules?

So, I’ve watched a few episodes with Scheana, but on my own I’ve never watched any, which is probably a good thing. I hate seeing people on TV and making assumptions about who they are as a person in real life.

The Challenge: Champs vs. Stars airs Tuesday nights at 10 p.m. on MTV.