Meghan Markle 'Mortified' By Her Family's Attempt To Steal Spotlight Before Wedding, 'Hollywood Life' Reports

Meghan Markle is apparently "mortified" at the behavior of her family in the days leading up to her royal wedding, including new reports that her father is trying to cash in off of her fame by selling access to paparazzi.

There has been a rush of attention on Markle and husband-to-be Prince Harry in the final week before their wedding, but not all of it has been positive. The Daily Mail reported that Thomas Markle, Meghan's estranged father, has been staging paparazzi photos and selling them for as much as $100,000. Previously, Meghan's also-estranged brother wrote an open letter asking for an invitation to the royal wedding. As the Independent reported, Thomas Markle Jr. had not seen his sister since 2011, and a major rift has grown within the family.

That led to a report this weekend from Hollywood Life that Meghan Markle is mortified at her family's behavior.

"Meghan is so embarrassed by her family's behavior, she's totally mortified," a source told the outlet. "It seems that every day there's another tawdry tabloid story. It's just horrible."

The report added that Prince Harry has been very supportive, helping Markle through the difficult time and the very public struggles with her family.

Markle's rift with her family had already become a major storyline ahead of the royal wedding. Before Thomas penned a letter begging for an invite to the wedding, he had written a previous letter where he slammed his sister as "conceited" and said she would make "a joke of the royal family."

This is not the first time that an extended family member has allegedly caused problems for the royal family. Shortly after Kate Middleton and Prince William married, when Duchess Kate was expecting her first child, there were reports that the couple had to ask Kate's sister, Pippa Middleton, to take a step back out of the spotlight. Pippa shot to fame after the royal wedding and parlayed it into a series of television appearances and even a cookbook, but the royal family reportedly felt that she was drawing too much attention.

While there may be rumors of behind-the-scenes drama with her family, Meghan Markle has shown no outward signs of being bothered by it. The actress has not commented on the rumors of strife in her family and appears to be happy and excited as the days count down to the royal wedding.