Howie Day Arrested, Thrown In Jail For An Alleged Assault On Girlfriend, Per ‘Radar Online.’

Andrew H. WalkerGetty Images for City Harvest

Singer Howie Day — who first shot to fame off the success of his hit, sensitive song “Collide” — has been arrested and jailed for an alleged assault on his girlfriend, according to Radar Online.

The outlet is reporting that Howie Day — who has been a bit of an “independent” artist since “Collide” fell off the charts — was thrown in jail after he supposedly had a “temper tantrum” in the airport in Seattle.

It was during this reported “temper tantrum” that he assaulted his longtime girlfriend, Carrie Pencek.

Surveillance video showed that the “Collide” singer, 37, threw his guitar to the ground while he was in the airport and began screaming at the airport attendants.

When Pencek showed up to try to calm him down, Day reportedly took his anger out on her.

It was then that Pencek, who has been dating Day for eight years, was shouted at and pushed by the singer, who was merely trying to help him with his bags.

Day was allegedly becoming so violent that Pencek had no choice but to seek help from the police.

When the police finally caught up to Day, he was arrested and charged with fourth-degree assault.

At his arraignment, Howie Day pleaded not guilty to the charge and is set to appear in court later this month.

According to Pencek’s statement to the police, this behavior is quite common for Day, especially when he is intoxicated or “under a lot of pressure.” Pencek said that Day has been getting drunk and violent a lot lately, especially since his career has stalled and supposedly has been hit with a series of financial problems.

This also isn’t the first time that Howie Day may have hit his longtime girlfriend. According to the Daily Mail, he had been arrested for allegedly punching Penchek in the face, but the charges were dropped because she didn’t cooperate with authorities.

In 2006, Howie Day was also arrested after getting into a physical fight with the Boston-based airline crew that was serving him at Logan Airport.