‘Timeless’ Creator Begs Fans To ‘Fight’ For A Renewal

Eddy ChenNBC

If you’re a fan of NBC’s time-traveling drama Timeless, now’s the time to fight.

The 2018 Upfront season has been particularly brutal this year with plenty of fan-favorite series getting the ax. Over 20 shows have been purged across the networks and some cancellations have been shocking, to say the least. For NBC’s Timeless, a show that was canceled after its first season and then brought back to life by the network thanks to an outpouring of support from the series’ dedicated fanbase, things aren’t looking good.

After the peacock network welcomed Brooklyn Nine-Nine into its fold after Fox got rid of the critically-praised comedy in order to make way for Tim Allen’s Last Man Standing, there’s been concern amongst Timeless fans that NBC is all out of chances to give to the drama which follows a group of time-travellers racing to change history and save the future.

During NBC’s Upfronts, entertainment chairman Robert Greenblatt gave reporters an update on the fate of the series and, though he was cautious with his wording, Greenblatt didn’t sound too optimistic about a third season for the show or for a second season for the Mindy Kaling-produced comedy, Champions.

“We try to give the producers [the courtesy] of letting their shows run and seeing what they do before we make a decision that’s premature,” Greenblatt said.

Champions still has a few episodes to go and Timeless has its finale tonight, so we’ll make our decisions after that. … We’ll take a look at those shows after their runs and hopefully make a relatively quick decision on that.”

Timeless co-creator Eric Kripke echoed that warning when he posted a call-out to fans on Twitter early Sunday morning.

Kripke truly sounds concerned about the future of the show, which is why he’s asking fans to tune into the Season 2 finale tonight so that the series’ live ratings spike, giving Greenblatt and the powers that be at NBC reason to keep the show on the air. Timeless fans have been able to pull off the impossible before, spurring the network to give the series an eleventh-hour renewal days after announcing its cancellation.

When NBC initially brought the show back, Greenblatt admitted it was an across-the-board love for the show coupled with the massive fan outcry that ultimately saved the series. Here’s hoping lightning can strike twice.