Kardashians Fake 911 Call A Home Swatting Prank

Los Angeles, CA – A Kardashians fake 911 call had police showing up at the family home of the Kardashians as part of a “swatting” prank. As previously reported by The Inquisitr, these 911 prank calls are called “swatting” because prank callers report horrible armed crimes in progress at stars’ homes, triggering the dispatch of police officers which usually includes fully armed SWAT teams ready to roll if the situation is real.

On Friday, the Kardashian fake 911 call triggered several police officers rushing to the Los Angeles area neighborhood of Hidden Hills, home of Keeping Up With The Kardashians stars Kris and Bruce Jenner, Kardashian’s mother and stepfather, who live with daughters Kendall and Kylie. The fake 911 caller claimed someone was being assaulted or at least was in danger of physical injury.

Kim Kardashian Tweeted on Friday about the fake 911 call. She’s apparently not too happy to be another victim of swatting:

“Just got a call from my mom telling me about this prank call that someone was shot in their home & 15 swat team & 3 helicopters showed up! These prank calls are NOT funny! People can get arrested for this! I hope they find out who is behind this. Its dangerous & not a joke!”

Kendall Jenner Tweeted about the incident shortly after it occurred, as well, posting a link to an Instagram photo showing several police vehicles and Bruce Jenner smiling and posing with officers:

“I love it when 8 police officers show up at my door and 10 cop cars are outside my house.”

According to ABC, Sheriff’s spokesman Steve Whitmore said sheriff’s officials and other California law enforcement agencies will lobby state lawmakers to make “swatting” a felony:

“What we want to do is have the legislature turn up the heat on these people. This is a serious, serious crime.”

What do you think about the Kardashians fake 911 call and swatting in general?