Harrison Ford Interview-Bombs Alden Ehrenreich During Press Junket For ‘Solo: A Star Wars Story’

Jordan StraussInvision/AP Images

During a junket interview with Entertainment Tonight, Alden Ehrenreich was surprised by none other than Harrison Ford. Ford crashed the interview in the middle of Ehrenreich answering a question. As he casually strolled up to the cameras, it took Ehrenreich a second to realize who was standing next to him. He exclaimed, “You’re kidding me!” as he got up from the chair. Ford then said jokingly, “Get out of my chair!” The snippet was posted by ET on Instagram, with the full interview expected to be released on Sunday.

As the two shook hands and shared a brief hug, onlookers couldn’t help but laugh and take in the moment. The two actors represent the legendary Star Wars series, with Ford playing Han Solo in the 1970s and 1980s and Ehrenreich stepping into the role of Han Solo in the newly released movie, Solo: A Star Wars Story. The new movie chronicles Han Solo’s life prior to his adventures in Star Wars: Episode IV – A New Hope.

The film premiered on Thursday night in Los Angeles to a standing ovation, according to Vanity Fair. The attendees appeared to enjoy the film, and the “crowd seemed to be won over” by Ehrenreich and his portrayal of the iconic Han Solo character.

On the star-studded premiere night, there was one obvious person missing: Harrison Ford. However, many believe that it was a good move on Ford’s part to be absent from the event since it allowed Ehrenreich to enjoy his debut as Han Solo without distraction, detailed the Hollywood Reporter.

The two men previously met over lunch after Ehrenreich was first cast to play Han Solo in the new movie. But since Ford had missed the big premiere, it was a surprising and exciting gesture for Ehrenreich to see him during the interview.

Critics have wondered whether Ehrenreich would be able to fill such big shoes, and how the actor could make the character “his own” while maintaining the integrity of the original character. Some said that the actor had a hard time on set during filming. However, at least according to the premiere crowd, Ehrenreich seemed to do a good job.

Solo: A Star Wars Story opens in theaters on May 25.