Eurovision Song Contest 2018: Man Rushes Stage During SuRie’s Grand Final Performance

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During the grand final of the Eurovision Song Contest 2018, United Kingdom’s contender, SuRie, was belting out her finalist song, “Storm,” when she was accosted on stage.

A man rushed on stage and grabbed the microphone out of her hand mid-song. After saying something quickly into the microphone, the man was then dragged off the stage by security. SuRie had little time to act as the security guards had obviously seen the breech before the man made it all the way to the performer because they were on top of him very quickly. English Eurovision fans immediately took to Twitter to commend SuRie for her “very British” reaction to the incident which saw her calmly continue on.

The incident was recorded and uploaded to Twitter via Toby Earle, a TV critic from London Live, not long after the event occurred. Toby also points out that there was a “stage invasion” during the Eurovision Song Contest 2017.

Since the event, which is still airing live, BBC Eurovision has confirmed via Twitter that SuRie is fine after the incident.

“Just to confirm SuRie is okay. More news when we get it. #Eurovision,” the tweet said.

BBC has also confirmed that the man in now in police custody. Believed to be a European citizen but not British, it is thought he is the same man who “invaded the stage at the National Television Awards this year, and The Voice in 2017.”

Eurovision fans were immediately responsive to the incident.

Author, J.K. Rowling, praised Australia’s Eurovision commentator, Joel Creasey, after he used a profanity to describe the offender.

“Apparently the Australian commentator called @surieofficial’s stage invader ‘some absolute c*ckhead’ and I don’t want to hear another word about Australia being in #Eurovision ever again,” she tweeted.

Creasey, who had been making Harry Potter references during this year’s event, was obviously excited to be noticed by Rowling.

“Well I am dying a little. T’was me. I have been peppering my commentary with regular Potter references too,” he replied.

One person from Portugal apologized on behalf of their country, who is the official host of Eurovision this year.

“On behalf of the Portuguese people, we’re really sorry this happened!! I’m sending you, the people of the UK and SuRie all the love and support. Nobody deserves to go through this!! much love and respect ♥,” said Luana in their tweet.

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UK contestant, SuRie, during rehearsalsFeatured image credit: Armando FrancaAP Images

Other fans praised SuRie for her calm reaction; some even suggested the singer should perform again. Mr B West was impressed that the audience participated and continued the song for SuRie, a dedication that many Eurovision fans can attest to.

It was unclear initially what the man said when he took the microphone from SuRie’s hand. He appeared to be speaking another language, but it all happened so quickly that it was hard for anyone to catch what was being said.

EurovisionUK, a Twitter fan account for Eurovision, translated what the man said.

“He said ‘Nazis of the UK media’ for everyone asking.”

However, as yet, there has been no official statement on what the man said.

After deliberation, SuRie decided not to perform her song again during the grand final.

This is an ongoing story and will be updated as news comes to hand.

The Eurovision Song Contest 2018 is currently airing live via various outlets. Please check locally to find out where you can view the program.