Khloe Kardashian Is On A Journey To Get Her Pre-Baby Body Back As She Starts Hitting The Gym

Dia DipasupiGetty Images

New mothers everywhere know the struggle is real when it comes to getting back in shape after giving birth. Reality-TV star Khloe Kardashian is no different. Kardashian, 33, gave birth to daughter True Thompson a month ago and is now sharing on Snapchat her desire to get back in shape and lose the baby weight she gained.

The Revenge Body host updated her fans on Friday saying, “Day two in the gym. My body is so sore today.” She then added, “I woke up hurting, but [it’s] the best thing ever.” When you wake up the next day after putting in a grueling work-out session and your body is sore, that’s how you know you did a good job and it really is “the best thing ever”.

It’s endearing to listen to the Keeping Up with the Kardashians star talk about her struggles when it comes to losing weight.

“It is a struggle getting back into the groove of working out. Mentally, I’m strong, but physically it’s just not the same. My body is not doing what I feel like my mind is telling it to do.”

The new mother shows her fans that she’s just like anyone else and in order to achieve a goal, you gotta put in the work. And of course, real, long-term results don’t happen overnight and you can’t be too hard on yourself. She also shares that even she has to remind herself that “it’s only day one” as she admitted how “exhausted” she was after getting her very first workout in since giving birth.

Even so, she was excited to get back to work with her personal trainer, Coach Joe, who is no stranger to the Kardashian sisters, having been working with them for a while now.

The struggle the fitness guru experiences comes from trying to tie down a routine between working out and breastfeeding, which she admits, is pretty dependent on baby True.

Kardashian admits she was not a fan of how big her “booty” had gotten post-pregnancy. “I can’t wait to tone up again and get my body back to where it was,” she said. “I’m going to be documenting me trying to get this body back, my mind, everything strong,” she also said, which gives her fans something to be excited about.

Her Snapchat on Friday came just days after she was spotted hitting up the gym in Cleveland where she lives with her boyfriend and True’s father, Tristan Thompson, despite the cheating scandal that circulated during her pregnancy.