Melania Trump Not Expecting Much On Mother’s Day After Donald Blew Off Her Birthday, ‘Hollywood Life’ Reports

Drew AngererGetty Images

Melania Trump has apparently adjusted her expectations for Mother’s Day after Donald essentially forgot her birthday.

With the annual celebrations of mothers coming up on Sunday, good husbands and children are preparing a special day for their special woman. But Melania Trump isn’t holding her breath on a big display of affection from Donald Trump, a source told Hollywood Life.

Melania is the mother to the youngest of Donald’s five children, and is especially devoted to 12-year-old Barron. After Donald was elected president, she stayed behind in New York so Barron could finish out the school year. They moved to Washington, D.C., together after the election.

She isn’t expecting Donald Trump to show the same devotion to her, a source claimed.

“Melania has very low expectations for her husband to deliver any amazing gifts for Mother’s Day after he completely failed at her birthday,” the unnamed source told the celebrity news outlet.

The source went on to say that Donald Trump has never gone out of his way to shower his wife with attention, and he appeared to forget her birthday entirely. When Melania turned 48 back on April 26, Donald mentioned during an appearance on Fox & Friends that he didn’t have time to buy his wife a present — then launched, unprompted, into a defense of his hush money payment to adult film star Stormy Daniels.

Donald Trump also failed to publicly acknowledge their wedding anniversary. Melania is now expecting more of the same, the Hollywood Life source claimed.

“Donald seemed too busy to do much more than get her a card and flowers for her birthday, which was a total disappointing let down for Melania. Now she is bracing for another thoughtless gift from the president for Mother’s Day,” the source said.

Whatever sources Hollywood Life may have near the First Couple, they have painted a grim picture. A previous story from the outlet claimed that Melania Trump was so furious and embarrassed over the Stormy Daniels flap that she couldn’t even look at Donald. Other reports have claimed that the two are nearing divorce.

There would seem to be historic precedent for Donald Trump ignoring his wife on Mother’s Day. Last year, Donald tweeted a message wishing Melania a happy Mother’s Day, then went out golfing. As reported, Melania spent the day alone with Barron.