‘Six Pack Mom’ Sarah Stage Refuses To ‘Cover Up’ Just Because She’s A Mom

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Sarah Stage doesn’t think moms have to dress frumpy. Stage fired back at commenters who have told her to dress more modestly because she is a mother. The lingerie model has had enough from her critics so she uploaded a sexy photo and explained that being a mom won’t stop her from rocking a revealing wardrobe, according to People. The fitness guru added an eye-rolling emoji to the Instagram post.

Sarah Stage became known across social media as “six-pack-mom” due to photos that she posted to Instagram where she flaunted her six-pack abs while she was pregnant with her first son.

Stage’s extremely fit figure throughout her pregnancy caused an uproar on social media as commenters accused her of harming her unborn baby.

“So funny when I read comments like, ‘You’re a mom, cover up… Being a mom doesn’t take away from our sexiness. If anything, it adds to it because confidence and self-love is everything!”

Sarah Stage has dealt with a lot of criticism on Instagram due to her strict diet and workout regimen while pregnant. Sarah gave birth to her second son just six months ago and looks incredibly fit and trim.

The fitness guru said that she was unable to workout as hard due to her C-section recovery, according to the Daily Mail. However, she was able to bounce back to her pre-pregnancy weight just weeks after giving birth, thanks to a healthy diet.

Many of Sarah’s supporters chimed in and as one commenter put it, “That’s like telling David Beckham to cover up bc he’s a dad,” according to Women’s Health.

Both of Sarah’s pregnancies created tons of chatter amongst users across social media. When Sarah was in her third trimester at eight-months pregnant, she showed off a nearly flat belly that was hidden by her very defined abdominal muscles.

Many people criticized Sarah after she posted the photo on Instagram because many people claimed that there was no way Sarah could have a healthy baby at her size.

Sarah and her husband, Kris Jason, share a 3-year-old son together named James. The attractive couple welcomed their baby boy, Logan Alexander, in October 2017.

Earlier this month, Sarah had an epic maternity photo shoot in with her youngest son, Logan Alexander.

Ivette Ivans, a photographer who is great at taking stunning maternity shoots for breastfeeding moms, captured glamorous shots of the reality star, Heidi Pratt, while she nursed her son, Gunner Stone.

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In her third trimester, Sarah performed squats and side-planks while her son, James Hunter, played nearby.

“Since I’ve announced my second pregnancy, I’ve had certain ‘Instagram medical experts’ tell me what I should and shouldn’t do… While I find some of the comments hilarious, I choose to only listen to my OBGYN and of course I also listen to MY body.”

Sarah said that she will not partake in certain exercises “if something feels off.” Stage said that she will always put her growing baby first.

The health guru said that she doesn’t exercise solely for aesthetic purposes, but for health benefits. Stage said that she is not obsessed when it comes to her looks. However, she is obsessed with maintaining an active and healthy lifestyle before, during, and after her pregnancies.