Giant Light Fixture Falls On High School Wrestler During Tournament [Video]

madison square garden

Michael McCormish had to face some tough competitors during the annual Madison Square Garden event this weekend. The high school wrestler received his biggest hit, however, from a giant light fixture that fell down during one of his matches.

According to Deadspin, the Madison Square Garden event is a big deal at Madison High School in South Dakota.

The event features a “packed gym, ridiculously loud music played at ever stop in the action, one big light over the mat, 1000 glow sticks, stats in prom dresses, and loud fans makes the night truly one of a kind.”

That one big light over the mat is supposed to recreate the feeling of playing in a big stadium. Unfortunately, it’s also a wrestling hazard.

McCormish was kneeling down at the start of a new round when the giant light fixture fell on top of him. His opponent and the ref quickly lifted the large object off of him and McCormish was able to walk off the mat.

Yahoo Sports reports that the high school wrestler received medical attention at the scene and only suffered minor injuries from the incident.

McCormish later tweeted a picture of his injury, a nasty cut on his forehead, and told his followers that he would be fine.

McCormish has also been using Twitter to petition Sports Center to include him in the top 10 highlights. Here’s the video of the incident. (The holy sh*t moment happens at around the one minute mark.) Do you think it’s top 10 worthy?