Scott Hutchison Cause Of Death: Family Members Open Up About Frightened Rabbit Singer’s Battle With Depression

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The body of Scott Hutchison was found this week after the Frightened Rabbit singer posted a cryptic post on social media and disappeared, and now family members are hinting at his tragic cause of death.

Hutchison was open about his struggles with mental health, and family members hinted at suicide as his cause of death, the BBC reported.

“Depression is a horrendous illness that does not give you any alert or indication as to when it will take hold of you,” the statement read.

“Scott battled bravely with his own issues for many years and we are immensely proud of him for being so open with his struggles,” family members added. “His willingness to discuss these matters in the public domain undoubtedly raised awareness of mental health issues and gave others confidence and belief to discuss their own issues.”

The statement added that friends and family had been growing concerned about Scott Hutchison’s mental health, especially after he posted a series of cryptic tweets that appeared to hint at suicide.

“Be so good to everyone you love. It’s not a given. I’m so annoyed that it’s not. I didn’t live by that standard and it kills me. Please, hug your loved ones,” he wrote.

Close to 20 minutes later, Hutchison posted a final message: “I’m away now. Thanks.”

Scott Hutchison was known as one of Scotland’s most talented musicians, and his death has brought an outpouring of supportive messages from fans and fellow musicians.

Members of Frightened Rabbit also released a statement mourning the loss of Scott Hutchison, saying he will leave a legacy of hope and kindness. While suffering depression, Hutchison was open about his struggles and often encouraged others who also faced mental health issues.

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Prior to his death, Hutchison and Frightened Rabbit had a full slate of work, including a tour in both North America and the U.K. to celebrate the 10th anniversary of their breakout album, The Midnight Organ Fight, NPR noted. He also put out a new album as part of the group Mastersystem, which includes fellow members of Frightened Rabbit and members of Editors and Minor Victories.

Hutchison was working on the sixth album for Frightened Rabbit at the time of his death. Bandmates did not say what would happen with the work, and it was unclear when the album would have been released.

Officials have yet to release an exact cause of death for Scott Hutchison.