Carrie Underwood’s Makeup Artists ‘Spackle’ Her Face Scars After Accident

Carrie Underwood’s facial injury has had a major impact on her life over the past few months and her fans have been worried about her. Several months ago, Underwood shared via social media that she might look significantly different as a result of having received more than 40 stitches after a fall at home. She stayed away from sharing photos on social media for a while, but now she’s back in the spotlight and opening up about the experience.

The accident that left Carrie Underwood scarred and shaken happened in November 2017 when she says that she slipped on a step taking the dogs outside. She broke her wrist in the fall and had quite a few scrapes and bruises, but the cuts to her face were what caused the American Idol winner so much trauma. After months of laying low, Carrie is back to doing public appearances and posting more openly on social media.

Carrie’s scars aren’t necessarily all that noticeable to people, but Underwood jokes about an explanation for that. In her interview with Hoda Kotb on the Today show, the singer quipped that she’s got a team at her side who can “spackle and paint and paste” to cover up her scars. She added that every day she’s feeling a bit closer to normal and this has clearly been a difficult ordeal for her both mentally and physically.

Underwood’s scars aren’t particularly noticeable when she’s doing appearances or via the photos she’s chosen to share on social media. However, there are hints of what she’s endured in the shots she’s posted and her fans are vocal in their support for her during her recovery. Us Weekly notes that Carrie said that the scene the day she fell “just wasn’t pretty” and she was rushed to the hospital to take care of her multiple injuries.

The American Idol winner is venturing out more now, having recently performed at the ACM Awards, and she’s starting to do media in conjunction with her new line of athletic wear, CALIA by Carrie Underwood. Carrie Underwood’s scars may not be all that noticeable to her fans, but it’s clearly been a long road for the superstar singer to recover and her millions of supporters are thrilled to see her back and doing so well.