Jill Duggar Dillard Is Once Again Slammed For Parenting Skills, And Now Racism

Jill Duggar just can’t catch a break these days. It doesn’t help when her husband, Derick Dillard, is constantly in trouble for his controversial social media postings. Now the mother-of-two is in hot water for sharing a post on Twitter and on Instagram of her youngest son, Samuel, eating Indian food while Indian music is heard playing in the background. Just for that one posting, she was accused of child abuse, being a racist, and forcing spicy food down her child’s throat.

The video was posted on Thursday, which showed off her cute son in a high chair while Jill was feeding him some Indian cuisine. The 9-month-old is sitting there waiting for his mom to give him a spoonful. He was also moving along to the music and at one point is seen clapping as well. Jill asked jokingly if Samuel is ready for Bollywood. That set off a few comments about not understanding the culture, among others. One comment said, “Sounds pretty racist to me.” Someone else said that Bollywood may not have been the right term to use.

Many other comments made included talk about damage control, referencing Jill’s need to deflect attention away from Derick’s twitter rants to her kids. Both fans and non-fans were going back and forth on that issue. Others noticed the tiny cut above Sam’s eyebrow. That brought on the negativity of the Duggar family’s way of blanket training their children. They chided Jill and Derick for taking part in child abuse.

The reason that Jill Duggar posted the video in the first place was to show her baby trying out some Indian food and that got blasted as well. One person was not thrilled thinking that Sam was being force fed this spicy dish.

“Yes I can tell he’s really enjoying that by the way his eyes bug out and nostrils flare when he has a bite. I’m sure he will also enjoy the a** on fire feeling he will probably have in a few hours. Enjoy cleaning up that diaper Jill.”

The Indian food that Jill made for dinner is called Tikka Masala. Most are made with a blend of Indian spices called garam masala. It sounds spicy, but people who may not love the hotness could always use less of it to make it milder. Sam was seemingly happy in the video as he ate his dinner.

In addition to the comments on child abuse and racism, others noted that Jill never feeds her kids anything healthy like fruits and vegetables. Also, someone else mentioned that it is strange how Sam is sitting at the far end of the table away from everyone else. As always, the Duggar fans came out in full force supporting them and doted on how cute Samuel is. That might be the one and only thing that all can agree on at this point.

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