‘General Hospital’ Recap: Ava’s Thrown Under The Bus, Dante Gets Sneaky, And Sonny’s Worried

David LivingstonGetty Images

Thursday’s episode of General Hospital was expected to be a juicy one, as it focused on Nelle’s baby shower and some anticipated surprises. Viewers got action on that front, and they saw Lucy get wound up over Chase, some moments between Alexis and Finn, as well as some worries from Sonny.

Much of the action in Thursday’s General Hospital show revolved around the baby shower. There were awkward moments as tension hung in the air, especially when Ava and Avery arrived and the little girl raced to hug Carly. As the event played out, Monica gave a meaningful speech about the newest Quartermaine baby on the way and everybody shared what gifts they brought and what wishes they had for the new baby.

Nelle presented Carly with a hosting gift, and it was another set of the custody papers that she emphatically insisted were coming from her heart. Josslyn was frustrated with her mother’s reluctance over accepting them while Bobbie defended her daughter given all that’s happened in the past. Olivia did her best to keep things on track and the bickering to a minimum, but Nelle had plans for an intense finishing moment.

As General Hospital viewers saw on Wednesday’s show, Nelle had wrapped a gift for the shower and pressured Ava to sign her name on the card. That gift came last, and Ava tried to intervene and have Nelle save the gift for later. Ava didn’t know what was in the package, but she knew it’d spell trouble. Of course, there was no way for Ava to change the course here and Nelle went on to be “surprised” by the penguin mobile that was enclosed.

General Hospital viewers knew that the gift would rattle Carly, and it did. It took only a moment for her to start raging at Ava, accusing her of getting that particular penguin mobile to upset her. It seems that penguins were Morgan’s favorite animal and Carly presumed that Ava chose that item to rub Carly’s face in Morgan’s death. Things got intense, as others at the shower looked on in disbelief at how angry their host got.

Elsewhere in Port Charles, Finn and Alexis connected and as SheKnows Soaps had teased would happen, Finn showed a willingness to open up to Alexis somewhat about his past. They were able to keep things fairly light-hearted, and when Chase happened by later, Alexis managed to keep Finn from getting too nasty toward his estranged brother.

Lucy is all whipped up into a frenzy to pull the Nurses Ball together and she was trying to get Dante to commit to a performance. Dante was resistant, and luckily for him, Lucy ended up thrilled to happen upon Chase in a vulnerable position. Once she heard Chase sing and saw him shirtless in the PCPD locker room, she knew she needed to have him perform at her event. Dante fully supported the idea in what he later admitted to Lucy would be a bit of hazing of the new guy, and Chase doesn’t quite realize what he’s walking into with this one.

Sonny is scrambling to deal with the Croton situation and his discussions with Max determined that he didn’t have any great options available. Mike was around during this show, struggling to keep things straight, but causing concern for Sonny regarding the Croton dilemma. Construction is starting soon at the site and there seems to be no good way to handle the trouble brewing.

General Hospital’s Frank Valentini teased that Dante’s hazing plan might end up backfiring on him and fans will be anxious to see this play out at the upcoming Nurses Ball. Spoilers suggest that the baby shower drama will escalate during Friday’s episode and viewers are hopeful that they will soon see some resolution to this Carly and Nelle drama.