Scott Evans Pleads Guilty To Cocaine Charge

Former One Life to Live actor Scott Evans has pleaded guilty to attempted cocaine possession.

Evans had been arrested in Los Angeles last month for trying to buy cocaine from an undercover police officer. He pleaded not guilty to the charge at first, but he decided to enter a guilty plea in exchange for no jail time, according to TMZ.

Evans — the younger brother of Captain America, Chris Evans — agreed to attend 60 Narcotics Anonymous meetings. If he goes to all of his meetings in the next six months, the judge will throw out the case against him. Evans’ representative said he has already started taking the classes to finish ahead of schedule.

In One Life to Live, Evans played Officer Oliver Fish. Evans has also appeared in Guiding Light, which ran for over 18,000 episodes, making it the program with the most episodes in the history of radio and television. The soap opera was canceled by CBS in 2009 due to low ratings.

Evans has also appeared in Law & Order, Law & Order: Criminal Intent, and White Collar.

Evans was outed as a gay man by his older brother in the Advocate. He said Chris called him immediately after the article came out asking him if he was OK with what he had done and if he was upset. While Scott Evans insisted that he wasn’t upset, he hadn’t come out publicly yet.

“It’s who I am, I don’t really care,” Evans said. “I’m glad that he’s comfortable enough to talk about it and not ashamed about it or anything.”