Perrio Family Weight-Loss Pictures: See What Happened To The One-Ton Siblings After 'My 600-LB Life'

The Perrio family weight a collective one-ton when they first came to My 600-LB Life, but now the three siblings have some weight-loss pictures to share from their progress since first appearing.

The three Perrio siblings were the subject of a two-part series on the TLC docu-series. Last week's three-hour episode focused on the start of their weight-loss journey and the many tragic factors that led to their weight gain in the first place. This week's episode showed how Roshanda, Clarence, and Brandie progress through their quest to overcome their fears and lose weight. And as InTouch noted, the Perrio siblings appear to have made some real progress since My 600-LB Life.

Viewers already know that the siblings are on their way to losing weight. In the first episode, they saw the once 803-pound Roshanda already dropped more than 130 pounds, though it was not quite enough to be able to undergo weight-loss surgery, and she then put on close to half of the weight again. Her siblings each lost more than 100 pounds.

Those who want to see weight-loss pictures from the Perrio siblings after My 600-LB Life will be in luck. As Reality Blurb noted, the siblings have already been active on social media, posting pictures that show a slimmed down figure from what they displayed on the show. It is not clear exactly how much weight they may have lost -- and it is not an overly dramatic change --- but all three appear to be on the path to better health.

This year has been something of a roller coaster for fans of My 600-LB Life. While there have been some incredible success stories and subjects who have lost hundreds of pounds, there has also been some unusual heartache. Robert Buchel became the first person to die of weight-related complications while filming the show, and a handful of others have been reluctant and combative. As InTouch noted, subject Schenee Murry essentially dropped out of the show's weight-loss program and is instead trying to crowdfund for the money needed to undergo weight-loss surgery.

Viewers can also check out the official My 600-LB Life page for other weight-loss pictures from the Perrio siblings after their appearance on the show.