Elon Musk Is Dating Grimes And The Internet Can't Handle It

Jessica Toomer

There were plenty of cute couples on the red carpet of the 2018 Met Gala earlier this week, but there's only one romantic duo that everyone seems to be talking about.

That's right, Elon Musk is dating Grimes and the internet is losing it.

In case the names "Elon Musk" and "Grimes" don't ring any bells, here's a quick refresher: Musk is a tech genius. No seriously, the geek bros over in Silicon Valley can't get enough of this guy. He's 46 years old, the founder of Tesla, and worth a reported $19.7 billion. He recently launched a new car into space -- because it seemed like a cool thing to do we guess. He also briefly dated Amber Heard, was dragged by an ex-wife for his alleged abusive behavior during their marriage, and tried to bust up a Tesla Union by offering his workers free fro-yo.

Then there's Grimes. Grimes is her stage name. Her real name is Claire Elise Boucher and she's a 30-year-old art pop musician from Canada with a cult following. She's toured with Lana Del Rey and Florence and the Machine, worked with Jay Z's management company, and recently had a song on the Suicide Squad soundtrack. So she's cool, way too cool for Musk's "Syndrome-esque" villain vibe (yes, that is an Incredibles reference).

Opposites definitely do attract, especially in the high-stakes, fast-paced work of celebrity romances, but it seems people are really struggling to wrap their brains around this one.

Sure, Grimes is known for her anti-capitalist message and embrace of counter-culture while Musk is a CEO, billionaire playboy who might be underpaying his workers but who are we to say this isn't true love?