‘Days Of Our Lives’ May 9 Episode: Abby’s Alter Dr. Laura Helps Chad, Vivian & Kate Fight Over Gun [Recap]

Today is Wednesday, which means that we are halfway through the weekly drama of Days of Our Lives. The citizens of Salem are still reeling from the realization that Abby was not, in fact, brainwashed by Stefan DiMera. It has come to light that Abby, who has struggled with mental illness in the past, is suffering from Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID). DID is better known as Multiple Personality Disorder.

When Abby killed her brother-in-law and friend Andre DiMera, her psyche split into two alternate personalities, Dr. Laura and Gabby (Gabigail). For the past couple of weeks on the show, Dr. Laura and Gabigail have taken up much of the screentime and Abby has been left in the background unaware of what is happening in the outside world.

Early this week on NBC‘s Days of Our Lives, Chad was able to get through to Abby and help her break free of Dr. Laura’s grasp. Yesterday’s episode showed Chad and Abby retracing her steps through the night that Andre died. In today’s episode, Dr. Laura returns to help fill in the gaps of the story that Abby doesn’t know. Although Dr. Laura was initially against Abby knowing the truth about Andre’s death, she is willing to help Chad now that the information has been given to Abby.

While walking through the rest of the steps that Abby took that night, Chad and Dr. Laura run into Stefan DiMera. Dr. Laura informs Chad that, in the end, only one personality can survive and it is in Abby’s best interest to let it all play out. Chad finds that he cannot sit back and risk losing Abby again so he pleads with her to fight for their love.

After Chad has said his piece, Stefan takes a stab at getting Gabigail to come forward. He promises her love and devotion and pleads with her to come back and stay with him. Gabigail does come out for Stefan, but she says that she is only there to say her final goodbyes to him and thank him for believing her.

Gabigail says “there isn’t going to be an us” because she can feel herself slipping away. Gabigail tells Stefan, “I had a real life because of you. I was real because of you. Goodbye Sam”

The two brothers are stuck in the middle of a love triangle with a mentally ill woman. It is a fight that only one of them can win. Stefan goes in for a kiss but Chad intervenes. When Abby comes back out for Chad, a dejected Stefan says, “It’s over.” Days of Our Lives viewers wonder if it really is over.

Across town at the DiMera mansion, Days of Our Lives viewers watch as Kate and Vivian continue their heated conversation from yesterday’s episode. On today’s show, Kate tells Vivian that she doesn’t want anything to do with Vivian or her half-baked plan to take down Victor and Titan Industries. In fact, Kate is determined to go to the police and turn Vivian in for conspiracy and corporate espionage.

When Kate doesn’t side with Vivian and her plans, Vivian takes out a gun and points it at Kate. Vivian tells Kate that she brought the gun with her to use on Andre, but he died too soon. She points out that it is “kind of poetic to use a bullet on” Kate that was originally “meant for her husband.” Vivian admits to making some mistakes in the past that she does regret but she will not regret what she is about to do. She then states, “goodbye Kate.” A vicious struggle ensues over the loaded gun.