Nicole Scherzinger Rocks Hot Bikini Body: Her Diet And Yoga Workout Tips

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Nicole Scherzinger showed off her sizzling bikini while enjoying a relaxing beach vacation in Mexico. In one cheeky Instagram photo, the singer and X Factor judge languishes on a swing in a black thong bikini while looking off into the sunset.

In another snapshot, Scherzinger stretches out on an outdoor sofa, spotlighting her sleek yoga-toned physique. The former Pussycat Dolls singer is a longtime fitness fanatic who maintains her lean bikini body with a portion-controlled diet, yoga workouts, Pilates, and cardio exercise.

“In a typical workout I would run on the treadmill maybe 20 minutes, then try to do some squats, some sit-ups on the exercise ball, and some yoga stretches,” Nicole told Women’s Health. “When I’m home I like to take a spinning class called Soul Cycle or I like to do hot yoga – a modified version of bikram yoga – or hiking.”

Scherzinger, who battled the eating disorder bulimia for years, now stays fit with a healthy diet that doesn’t restrict anything.

“For breakfast I love eggs and toast and smoked salmon or bacon, or porridge,” she said. “For lunch I like maybe some soup or some sushi. For dinner, anything from pasta to rice, and meats and veggies, to sushi.”


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While reality TV star Kourtney Kardashian credits the low-carb ketogenic diet for her age-defying bikini body, Nicole eats carbs — in moderation.

“When I’m going to indulge, I love pasta, pizza, I love Mexican with lots of cheese,” Scherzinger said. “I love french fries, or salt and vinegar crisps. In terms of snacks: almonds, coconut water, bits of coconut, baby carrots.”

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Whereas she once used to binge-eat and then vomit all her food in a fit of panic, Scherzinger now makes moderation her diet mantra.

“I don’t follow a strict diet,” Nicole said. “I honestly believe in having everything in moderation and don’t deprive yourself. You can treat yourself to truffles and pasta, but in moderation.”

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Working out regularly also helps, not only to keep her lean, but to relieve stress.

“Me and my girlfriends support each other for the gym,” Scherzinger said. “Because, you know, it’s hard to be motivated sometimes, so when you go you push each other. We try to do different things.”

Radio shock jock Howard Stern once called Nicole Scherzinger “the most aesthetically beautiful woman on the planet.” It’s easy to see why.