‘General Hospital’ Recap For May 9: Drew Reaches Out, Ava Warns Nelle, And Sonny Suggests A Plan

Paul HebertABC

Storylines are heating up on General Hospital and the show that aired on Wednesday, May 9 had some interesting teasers woven into the hour. Drew made a move to get his true memories back, Julian and Kim shared a fun interaction, and Nelle’s scheming garnered a warning from the Queen of Scheme, Ava.

Julian bantered with Kim as he arrived at GH with iced coffee for her as an excuse to see her. Unfortunately, she was rather preoccupied with fretting over Oscar’s safety on a hike he was slated to take with Drew. Julian talked her off the edge, and he tried to chill the cold air coming from Lucas when he walked by. Lucas had no interest in chatting with his estranged father, and this left Kim and Julian to talk about family dynamics a bit more.

Drew and Oscar met up at the park for their planned hike, but a twisted knee of Oscar’s thwarted their plans. They did do some bonding, however, and Oscar encouraged Drew to find help in restoring his memories. Drew took Oscar to the hospital to have his knee examined, and Kim quickly jumped to conclusions about her son’s well-being when she saw him. As Kim took Oscar away for an x-ray, Drew reached out to Andre, asking that they start to work on recovering his memories.

Josslyn got worried when she saw Carly taking a pill at the Metro Court, notes SheKnows Soaps. Soon the two were talking about Nelle, and Joss encouraged her mother to back off on the hatred. Josslyn pointed out that Michael is old enough to do what he wants to do, and she is in better health because of Nelle’s kidney.

Michael and Sonny spent time together at the gym, and Sonny filled Michael in on the Morgan-related issues Carly has had. They were talking about Nelle, which set off Carly when she arrived and heard them. However, she softened when Sonny suggested that she head to Puerto Rico for a while to get some therapy there. This won over Carly, and they decided that she’d go soon and he’d join her once he had things settled with Mike.

General Hospital viewers know that Carly’s baby shower for Nelle is right around the corner, and the guest of honor has been scheming about how to shake things up during the event. During Wednesday’s episode, she connected with Ava and gave her the gift she wants Ava to bring to the shower. She wouldn’t tell Ava exactly what she had planned, but as ABC teased heading into the episode, she does need Ava to be fully on board with her scheme.

As Nelle glowed over how close she was to destroying Carly, Ava cautioned her that she needs to be careful and not get ahead of herself. At this point, however, Nelle seems too far gone with this vendetta to listen to reason. She shared some details about how she’s been torturing Carly but wouldn’t answer Ava’s questions, and she even gloated about how great her baby’s life will be compared to Avery’s.

Viewers did see a bit of Brad during the May 9 show too. He showed up at the gallery as Nelle was with Ava and mentioned some artwork he wanted to find for the baby’s nursery. Brad and Nelle chatted for a while, and she invited him to the shower with promises that it’d be worth attending.

General Hospital spoilers have been teasing that there would be twists and turns coming into play with all of this baby action, but nobody has determined exactly how it’ll play out. It seems unlikely that it’s a coincidence that Brad and Lucas are expecting to adopt a baby right at the same time that both Nelle and Maxie are due to deliver, and fans have mentioned Hayden’s off-screen pregnancy as well.

It sounds as if answers to all of the baby drama will be coming soon, and fans are ready to see the payoff for this drawn-out saga. Stay tuned for additional General Hospital spoilers as they emerge and tune in to ABC weekdays to see what comes next.