Pauley Perrette Hopes 'NCIS' Fans Will Remember 'Everything That Abby Has Taught All Of Us'

Stacy Carey

Tuesday night's episode of NCIS marked Pauley Perrette's last in the role of Abby Sciuto, and this was an emotional departure for both viewers and the actress. The series has had several high-profile exits in the past few seasons, some more acrimonious than others, but it looks like Perrette has lots of love for the CBS show and her fans.

After Perrette's last NCIS episode, CBS posted a tweet that contained a sweet farewell from Pauley. She explained that she hopes people will remember what Abby has taught everybody over the course of her run of the series, and she added that her supporters are incredible and the best. The actress said that Abby fans are kind, caring, and make her smile, and she appreciates that they've supported both her and her character.

As E! News noted, Perrette's farewell message detailed that the actress couldn't imagine a better fan group. Pauley played Abby on the show for 15 years, and the character's exit was an emotional one for everybody. She previously detailed that there was a lot of love along with plenty of laughs and tears incorporated into that goodbye. Fans seemed mostly pleased with how the writers took care of Abby's departure, although plenty of tears were shed over the Reeves shocker.

Deadline recently reported that Mark Harmon had signed a new deal to stick around, and CBS has already formally renewed the hit series, which remains a top ratings garner for the network. Can NCIS continue to be a strong performer for the network next year with these latest, difficult character farewells? Pauley Perrette's fans will be anxious to see where she lands next, and they hope it won't take too long for her to snag another great role.