Christie Brinkley And Model Daughter Strike A Pose: Her Anti-Aging Beauty Secrets

Samantha Chang

Christie Brinkley and her daughter, model Sailor Brinkley-Cook, looked stunning as they posed for photographers at the premiere of the documentary Always At The Carlyle in New York on May 8.

As always, Brinkley looked every inch the supermodel in a tailored black jumpsuit that spotlighted her age-defying physique. Sailor looked adorable in a flirty wine-colored spring dress and black boots.

Brinkley, who has been the face of CoverGirl cosmetics for the past 25 years, is aging like fine wine, thanks to a healthy lifestyle that includes a mostly vegan diet and daily workouts that alternate between yoga, cardio exercise, calisthenics, and light weightlifting.

Christie's career longevity in modeling is unprecedented in the youth-obsessed industry, where most careers are over before age 30. Brinkley said she's honored to be a role model for older women, whom she feels are marginalized once they hit 40.

"I have to constantly be reminding people that my age group matters, that we are relevant, and that we want to be represented," Christie told People. "As an older woman in modeling, I think there is a little bit of a 'maybe we can get her at less of a price because she's an older model.' But I'd like to remind everybody that we are 100 percent as relevant as anyone else."

Christie also gets regular laser skin treatments, has used Botox and fillers, and experiments with fun hair pieces and wigs.

Here's Christie Brinkley with her bikini-clad daughters Sailor and Alexa Ray for the 2017 Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue.