May 9, 2018
Venus Williams Won't Use The F-Word, But She's Excited By 'Growth For Women In Sports'

Venus Williams definitely stands her ground but calling her the F-word isn't exactly her cup of tea. She isn't talking about any kind of foul language, but the label of being a feminist. The seven-time Grand Slam winner doesn't like having a label attached to herself, as reported by E! News. She also says that she is excited about how much women's sports has grown in the past few years.

In the newest issue of Elle, the 37-year-old athlete is still going as strong as ever on the professional tennis circuit. She spilled in the interview that she believes that women these days have more opportunities than ever before. As for being a feminist, she says that this term isn't what she identifies with, but she does think that women should stand up for what they believe in. Women have the power to be strong and to be a powerful presence in today's world.

Her words proved that she doesn't really need a label to get her point across. Venus Williams may be soft-spoken, but she is respected and has a positive outlook on life and its challenges. She admits that there are many challenges in life that need to be dealt with. She said that women's rights are just one of those obstacles that you have to face. She doesn't view the fight for women's rights apart from anything else that she has to overcome.

"For me, the conversation [around equality] was never there. There are always challenges that you have to overcome on a daily basis."
Her excitement on the growth of women's sports is evident in the interview. The World No. 8 ranked tennis player said that she is very grateful for the opportunities that led her to her sport. Venus also believes that women should be building each other up.
"Unfortunately, people have the tendency to want to dominate one another, but fortunately, there are people who want to build other women up. It's up to those people who want to build to hopefully eliminate all that negativity."
She seems to do a pretty good job at doing that, according to her little sister, Serena. The younger Williams sister explained that Venus has been something like a role model growing up together. She would always look out for her. Serena also mentioned that her big sis faces obstacles every day.

As for her personal life, that is a work in progress for Venus Williams. She said that she is working on that aspect of her life. However, she doesn't seem to be slowing down much on the tennis court. She slammed her way to the semifinal at the US Open against Sloane Stephens last year. Who knows how far she will get during this year's Grand Slam season.