'Young And Restless' Fans React To Sharon, Nick's Steamy Romp, 'Team Shick' Folks Anxious To See What's Next

Things got intense during Tuesday's episode of The Young and the Restless as Sharon and Nick hit the sheets together. "Team Shick" fans have been waiting for a reunion between these two for months now, but this doesn't necessarily signal a full-blown romantic reunion. What are Y&R viewers saying about having Nick and Sharon back together, at least in a "friends with benefits" kind of way?

As Young and Restless viewers saw on Monday and Tuesday, Sharon was desperate to keep Nick from figuring out the truth about what happened to JT the night he died. Nick has been relentless in asking questions, and she deflected in every direction she could. When arguments and accusations didn't work, Sharon told her ex-husband that she couldn't resist him, and the sparks began to fly once more.

The writing regarding a Shick reunion has been on the wall for months now, ever since Young and Restless killed off Sage, wrote out Chelsea, and had to say farewell to Dylan. Nick and Sharon have been dancing around the topic for a while, and while they didn't hop into bed with one another under quite the right circumstances, it's clear that the chemistry between these two is still intense.

The Young and the Restless fans had plenty to say about Tuesday's show as Nick and Sharon did the deed. One joked about how Sharon was going to distract Nick with her thighs as another cheered that it was about time for these two to be together again. Sharon was desperate to stop Nick's questions, and some Y&R fans got a kick out of how she pulled it off for now.

Of course, not everybody is anxious to see Nick and Sharon together as a romantic couple again. In addition, many Young and Restless viewers are still annoyed by the JT storyline as a whole, and that does have an impact on this much-anticipated Shick reunion.

Sharon, Nikki, Victoria, and Phyllis surely could have called Paul the night of JT's death and had everything resolved quickly, considering the fact that he was attacking Victoria when Nikki clobbered him with the fireplace poker. Instead, the four ladies covered it up and fans are watching weeks of close calls and scrambling as they wait for the truth to emerge.

It's common to see Y&R followers note that Nick and Sharon aren't necessarily meant to be together long-term, and that's a hard point to argue given some of the ugly pieces of their relationship history they recapped during Monday's show. Despite all of that, this is an iconic Young and Restless couple that first connected way back in 1994 and despite their various relationships with others, it seems as if fate or destiny always brings them back together.

Can Sharon and Nick ultimately reunite for good, even given the lies between them right now? The Young and the Restless spoilers hint that there's plenty more to come for "Team Shick" fans in the episodes ahead and things are going to get intense.