May 8, 2018
Meghan Markle And Red Sox Star Mookie Betts May Be Related

Although the evidence has yet to be established as conclusive, Meghan Markle and Boston Red Sox star Mookie Betts may be members of the same Alabama extended family.

Markle, the former actress and model and the bride-to-be of Prince Harry, will join the British royal family when the couple marries on May 19 at Windsor Castle. Following the nuptials, they will live at Kensington Palace in London. Should Queen Elizabeth name Harry the Duke of Sussex after the wedding, Meghan Markle will acquire the title of Duchess of Sussex.

Jim McNiff, a Massachusetts amateur genealogist, researched the Betts family tree, and in so doing, discovered that there were 22 adults and children with the last name Betts in the same town in Madison County, Alabama, pursuant to the 1870 U.S. census, the Boston Globe reported.

"In house No. 105, there was 17-year-old Joseph Betts. In house No. 107, 14-year-old Jacob Betts lived with his family. Joseph Betts is the great-great grandfather of Mookie Betts and Jacob Betts the great-great-great grandfather of Markle. Whether Joseph and Jacob were related cannot be determined conclusively. But those residents of Madison were descendants of slaves owned by Elisha Betts, a tobacco plantation owner from Lunenburg County, Va."
An additional potential connection exists between Meghan Markle and Mookie Betts' family. Mookie's dad's uncle married Katie Betts in 1920, the Globe added. "Katie Betts is Markle's great-great aunt."
MLB has scheduled the Boston Red Sox and the New York Yankees to play two games in London next season at nearby Olympic Stadium.

Said Mookie Betts about the prospect of meeting Meghan Markle for a potential (royal) family reunion, "That would be cool, to meet her. I wonder if she's a baseball fan?"

Meghan Markle's representatives have yet to comment on the Globe story about the potential shared ancestry with Mookie Betts.

On the subject of the Red Sox-Yankees rivalry, the teams who are battling for supremacy in the American League East will meet for a three-game series starting Tuesday night, but it's not 100 percent certain if Mookie Betts will be in the game. Betts was injured by a ball on Sunday in the first inning when a Texas Rangers player hit him on the shoulder with a throw as he slid into second base. He left the game in the next inning. Boston Red Sox Manager Alex Cora expects that Betts will be back in the lineup and playing right field for the Yankees matchup, however.

Mookie Betts, a possible distant relative of Meghan Markle, is leading Major League Baseball with a.355 batting average and 13 home runs. He also leads the big leagues in slugging percentage and on-base plus slugging percentage.