Meredith Vieira Was ‘Shocked’ About Matt Lauer Allegations, Subsequent Firing

As of late, many of Matt Lauer’s former female Today Show co-hosts have been speaking out about the sexual misconduct allegations against him and weighing in on the situation in their own opinion.

As the Inquisitr reported last week, Katie Couric recently spoke out about Matt Lauer, saying that some of the reports against the 60-year-old have been “blown out of proportion.” Not only that, but Couric also told Wendy Williams that the past few months have been very, very tough for the people who knew and worked with Lauer.

And while Couric confessed that she does not really know the full extent of what happened between Lauer and his accuser, she does know that she was treated “respectfully and appropriately” by Matt when they worked together.

Now, Meredith Vieira, who worked with Lauer from 2006-2011, is opening up about the allegations against him. Today, Vieira sat down on Andy Cohen’s SiriusXM show, Radio Andy, where she confessed that she was just as shocked as everyone else when she learned about Lauer’s firing. Page Six also suggests that Meredith feeling shocked over the firing may hint that, like Couric, she also may not have seen any of Lauer’s alleged inappropriate behavior.

But the 64-year-old shied away from saying too much on the Matt Lauer scandal and instead used her time and her voice to talk about the #MeToo movement.

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“I really appreciate the #MeToo movement, I think it’s long overdue,” Vieira confessed.

Vieira also went on to say that, over the years, a lot of people ignored the problem and in doing that, a lot of people were hurt. Now, she says she’s just happy that people are finally talking about it and that the women affected are finally able to tell their story. She told Cohen that, moving forward, she hopes that both men and women can feel safe in the workplace.

Vieira is also putting her money where he mouth is and partnering with This Is Just A Test to develop a fund for documentary projects for women. The Hollywood Reporter shares that the Meredith Vieira Foundation and This Is Just A Test Initiative is looking to help fund both documentary features and series produced by females.

Additionally, Vieira will produce one or more of the projects.

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