May 7, 2018
Nikki Bella Says She 'Wouldn't Know How To Smile' One Day After Would've Been Her Wedding Day With John Cena

Nikki Bella is sharing an emotional yet adorable family photo with her fans just one day after what would have been her wedding day with her ex-fiancé John Cena. As reported by, the WWE star posted a very sweet photo with her almost 1-year-old niece Birdie with her more than 7 million followers in which she admitted that she was one of the few things making her smile right now.

Sharing the picture of herself planting a kiss on little Birdie's cheek, Bella captioned the upload showing herself embracing the little girl, "Wouldn't know how to smile without my Little Bird" alongside a red heart emoji.

Eleven-month-old Birdie is Nikki's twin sister Brie's daughter with her husband Daniel Bryan.

Nikki appeared to be referencing her recent turbulent personal life in the caption when she uploaded the photo to her account on May 6, as she shared the sweet family snap – which has received more than 250,000 likes in less than 24 hours - with her fans just one day after she was set to marry John in a big ceremony.

On May 5, the site reported that the WWE diva shared another cryptic message on Instagram.

Nikki shared a photo with the words, "Chin up princess or the crown slips," which also appeared to be an allude to her breakup on what should have been her wedding day with John.

As Inquisitr previously reported last month, the couple called off their engagement in April mere days before they were expected to walk down the aisle together. The wedding was expected to be filmed for the season finale of the Bella Twins' E! reality show spinoff of Total Divas, Total Bellas.

Though neither has confirmed exactly why they decided to split, Bella's latest Instagram showing her playing with little Birdie is particularly heart wrenching, as the former couple made no secret of the fact that a big source of contention within their relationship was due to Nikki wanting to have kids but John not wanting to become a dad.

As reported by People, Bella and Cena often discussed parenthood on camera on Total Bellas as well as in interviews during their six years together.

The outlet reported that one particularly raw moment between the two that played out on a 2013 episode of the reality show saw Cena tell Bella that he couldn't give her children.

"I do want to be a mom. I feel like I'd be missing out," Nikki said in the episode five years ago, to which John replied, "I'm going to choose my words carefully. I can't give you that."

In another episode of the E! reality show a year later, the two discussed children again.

Nikki Bella shares cryptic message with niece Birdie one day after what would've been her & John Cena's wedding day
Getty Images | Kevin Winter

"I'm trying to be a realist. I've told you I don't want to get married and I don't want to have kids, and you do want to get married and you do want to have kids," John told Nikki in one scene per People, four years before he eventually proposed to her while in the WWE ring. "I feel like there's a time bomb over my head."

However, in an interview with Entertainment Tonight in May 2017, Bella suggested that she would actually be okay with not having children after being with her sister Brie during her labor with Birdie.

"Being with Brie in labor for 22 hours, I was like, 'Yeah, I'm fine not doing this, I think I'm okay,'" Bella said at the time when asked about having kids with Cena following their April 2017 engagement. "I saw a lot, and I can't unsee that."