Lady Antebellum National Anthem Performance Flops Ahead Of Nashville Predators Game

Lady Antebellum had their national anthem performance ready to go ahead of the Nashville Predators vs. Winnipeg Jets playoff game last night, but it didn’t come out quite how they expected it. Unlike the positive news that came out following Carrie Underwood’s anthem performance, Lady Antebellum came through with a rough performance and are now being slammed hard online.

Leading up to the anthem, Lady Antebellum couldn’t have been happier. Nashville gave them a warm welcome and long introduction sharing all of their accolades and the impressive resume that they came with.

Everything was going smoothly to start the anthem. Players and fans alike were enjoying the anthem, but then something happened. Something that no one expected nor would wish on anyone singing the anthem ahead of a big game or event.

The singers forgot the words! That’s right, they simply couldn’t remember the words and both players and fans immediately started laughing.

Perez Hilton shared these words about the screwed up performance that Lady Antebellum gave the fans.

“Not the best look for a usually talented group like Lady Antebellum… did they not practice the National Anthem before belting it out, or something?!”

Well, there simply isn’t going to be living this performance down anytime soon for the band. Just like the backlash that Fergie received for her rendition of the national anthem ahead of the NBA All-Star game last year, the fans are not going to forget the blunder. Even though Lady Antebellum’s mistakes were bad, it’s still hard to say that they were worse than Fergie’s performance.

For those of you that haven’t seen Lady Antebellum’s performance, enjoy your listening experience now!

Now, if you want another screwed up national anthem performance, enjoy listening to Fergie’s version of the song at the NBA All-Star game. Let us know which one you think was worse!

Finally, Underwood will help you remember what the national anthem is supposed to sound like. Here is her singing the anthem ahead of a Predators’ playoff game just over a year ago.

Nashville ended up losing the game by a final score of 6-2 and will face an elimination game on Monday night on the road.

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