Horror News: John Lithgow And Jason Clarke Cast In Remake Of Stephen King’s ‘Pet Sematary’

Two big names have been cast for Paramount Pictures’ new film adaptation of the Stephen King horror classic, Pet Sematary. The Pet Sematary remake was announced last fall, and Stephen King fans have been anxiously awaiting details ever since. Paramount Pictures released the 1989 original, and the company is aiming to make this one a huge success.

The plot is reported to stay basically the same: Louis Creed, his wife, and their two children move from the big city to the countryside. After the family’s cat is accidentally killed, the Creed’s friendly neighbor, Jud Crandall, suggests that they bury it on the grounds of an old pet cemetery. The cat comes back to life, but with serious consequences. The couple then tragically lose one of their children, Gage. Despite seeing the warnings from their undead cat’s altered personality, and the warnings given by Crandall, Louis buries his son’s body in the same ground. This also leads to serious consequences.

It was announced last April that Jason Clarke was cast as the lead in Pet Sematary and will portray Dr. Louis Creed (who was previously played by Dale Midkiff). The original horror movie has garnered a cult following, and while King fans are very protective of his work, Clarke should be a welcomed addition as the lead.

While some may see Clarke as an immediate improvement on the original cast, the next character is a bit tricky. Though Midkiff was in the starring role in Stephen King’s Pet Sematary, it was the late Fred Gwynne who stole the show. Gwynne portrayed the endearing neighbor, and his performance created a lot of fans. He left big shoes to fill, and it looks like Paramount Pictures found the big feet to do so.

As Entertainment Weekly recently reported, John Lithgow has been cast as Pet Sematary’s new Jud Crandall. Given the acting ability by the brilliant artist, like Gwynne’s depiction, Lithgow’s portrayal is likely to be a scene-stealer as well.

Jason Clarke has two movies in post-production (Serenity and First Man), and alongside Keira Knightley and Alexander Skarsgard, he co-stars in the upcoming 2018 World War II drama, The Aftermath. John Lithgow is currently filming Late Night, a comedy co-starring Emma Thompson, about a late-night talk show host who fears she’ll be losing her longtime spot.

Pet Sematary is scheduled to be released on April 19, 2019.

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