‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Valentin Gave Anna’s Baby To Faison Years Ago, Now He Drugs And Kidnaps Her Ex

Valentin Cassadine has a secret to keep on General Hospital, and he will do anything to make sure it stays that way. No one yet knows exactly what the deal is between him and Henrik, but it can’t be good. These two men are in cahoots together, and unfortunately, their secret will hurt a lot of people in Port Charles when all is revealed. Spoilers coming up this week from Soap Central tease that Valentin and Peter will be at odds. Does it have something to do with Robert Scorpio?

The cliffhanger shown on Friday’s General Hospital had Robert sitting on a plane, thinking that he was flying by himself. Valentin suddenly appeared just as Robert was taking a drink laced with drugs. Of course, it all started years ago when he gave Anna’s baby to Cesar Faison. This story from Anna’s past is slowly emerging, but has yet to be fully revealed. Now Valentin has drugged and kidnapped her ex-husband and her good friend.

Is he planning on eliminating Robert Scorpio? If that happens, there will be some pretty angry General Hospital fans out there. They are already mad that Robert got duped and that he may be gone from the show once again. He is a favorite on the ABC soap and viewers have enjoyed having him back with his sarcasm and humor.

Anna thinks that Robert got called away to other WSB duties, so she won’t know right away that he is missing. It looks like Valentin has another agent who he calls to do his dirty work. He lured Robert away with a text. So, what is Valentin going to do with Robert?

There is a possibility that he will ship him off to that Russian clinic that Jason Morgan just escaped from last year. He was held there against his will for five years. Let’s hope that this same thing doesn’t happen to Scorpio. Robert was the one who figured out that Valentin took baby Henrik and gave him to Faison when Anna gave birth in Switzerland. He was getting close to uncovering the truth.

Peter seems to be taking control of things and is not worried about being found out. He did tell Valentin recently that they needed to take care of Robert Scorpio. It looks like he has indeed done something about it.

General Hospital spoilers also says that Anna will move forward with her plan to lure Henrik out of hiding by pretending to be his mother. Of course, it won’t be pretending at all. Will he take the bait? Keep watching this upcoming week to see if Robert happens to show up again.