Vanessa And Donald Trump, Jr. Want To Protect Their Kids, Despite Decision To Divorce

Vanessa and Donald Trump, Jr. are doing their best to put on their best face in front of their children, despite their dislike for each other and their ongoing divorce case.

“Donald Jr. and Vanessa are not fond of each other, but will do what is necessary to protect the kids from any issues,” People Magazine quoted a source who is close to the couple as saying. Vanessa filed for divorce on March 15 after being married to Donald, Jr. for 12 years. They have five children together: Kai Madison, 10, Donald III, 9, Tristan, 6, Spencer, 5, and Chloe, 3.

The two are co-parenting their children. Forty-year-old Vanessa is described as a hands-on parent, while people close to the couple say Donald Trump, Jr. is a good father, but is less directly involved in the lives of the children and more of a loner. He has a cabin in the Catskills of New York where he often spends weekends alone.

The couple’s divorce is uncontested, meaning that neither of them is disputing anything related to their breakup so there will be no need for them to appear in court. Shortly after Vanessa and Donald, Jr.’s divorce became public, news of an affair that 40-year-old Donald Trump, Jr. had with 34-year-old Aubrey O’Day, who once appeared on The Apprentice, broke. He has neither confirmed nor denied the affair.

The couple was seen together recently at the White House Easter Egg Roll and seemed in good spirits with Donald Trump, Jr. sharing photos of the children and Easter Bunny on Instagram. Vanessa and Donald both also spent Easter weekend at Mar-a-Lago with their children, but sources report that the two generally spend time with the children separately. Others who were in attendance during the Easter weekend festivities described them as pleasant with each other in front of their children.

On Monday, it was reported that a “demand for a statement of net worth” of Vanessa was filed on behalf of Donald Trump, Jr. Vanessa’s father was the late Charles Haydon, who made millions as a high-profile attorney to celebrities like Marilyn Monroe, and from his investment in a marina company called Rao’s Specialty Foods. Vanessa inherited his wealth when he died. There has been speculation about the reasons for the filing, but divorce attorneys say it is standard practice in divorce proceedings.

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