Samsung May Unveil ‘Fonblet,’ Phone With 5.8-Inch Screen

Are we ready for the Samsung “Fonblet?” Well, whether we are ready or not, the phone with a 5.8-inch screen may be launching to the European market soon.

Samsung is expected to announce the half-phone, half-tablet device any day now and, while the new product from the tech gadget company is certainly interesting news, it appears the device’s reported name is creating even more buzz.

The Los Angeles Times reports that the term “phablet” is already being used in market forecasts when describing phones with a screen larger than five inches.

The new reported phone name, however, is a little strange. The rumored “Fonblet” name appears to have been trademarked by Samsung. This means that we could soon see Samsung’s largest smartphone to date (and we thought the Galaxy S III was big).

Besides the massive screen size, the Fonblet is also expected to debut in white and run a version of Android’s Jelly Bean OS. The device will likely be similar to the Samsung Galaxy Player, which has so far stayed in the South Korean market.

TechRadar notes that the report’s details are fairly lacking, aside from the name and the color of Samsung’s reported Galaxy Fonblet. But, if the report is true, then we can expect this monster smartphone to debut at next month’s Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Spain.

The past week has been rife with Samsung gadget rumors, including the latest Fonblet one. Other rumors have included the possibility of a Samsung Galaxy Note 3 with a 6.3-inch screen. Another rumor spoke of a Galaxy Note 8.0, while yet another talked of a Samsung Galaxy S4.

It’s easy to see why we can’t believe the rumors until they actually prove themselves true. Would you consider owning a Samsung Galaxy Fonblet?