An ‘Office’ Reunion Happened And We Have Jenna Fischer To Thank For It

If you’re an Office fan hoping for more cast reunions, talk to Jenna Fischer.

The comedy actress who played one-half of TV’s most-beloved couple is doing work when it comes to keeping those of us longing for more Dunder Mifflin action happy. Fischer played Pam Beasley Halpert on the series, a secretary-turned-saleswoman who had a steamy, drawn-out office romance with loveable goof Jim Halpert (John Krasinski). Halpert spent most of his time pranking his nemesis, Dwight Schrute (Rainn Wilson), so while he was busy encasing Dwight’s office supplies in jello and convincing him the government was spying on his computer, Pam decided to create the most exclusive, invitation-only group in Scranton, and Fischer just gave us their long-awaited reunion photo.

That’s right. The Finer Things Club is back together again.

When the Finer Things Club first appeared on the show, it was met with mixed reviews from the employees of Dunder Mifflin. A chance to revisit a time of refinement and civility and an opportunity to discuss the culture in an enlightened setting, the club convened in the office breakroom and hashed out everything from music, to movies, and classic literature. Some officemates desperately wanted a seat at the table, others couldn’t care less, but no one could argue the appeal of taking time off work to chat over crumpets and themed lunches.

Fischer, along with former co-stars Ed Helms, who played Andy Bernard, Paul Lieberstein, who played HR rep Toby Flenderson, and Oscar Nunez, who played accountant Oscar Martinez on the show, reconvened for another meeting of the club this week and it was for a pretty great cause.

On April 16, Fischer revealed some Finer Things Club merchandise that she helped design for fans to purchase. Proceeds from the sale go to a nonprofit called Miry’s List which helps refugee families resettle in the United States. To promote the merchandise, Fischer rounded up the founding members of the club and finally invited poor Andy to become an official member.

The group had what we can only imagine as a posh lunch with no paper or plastic, and even signed a sweatshirt to give away to one lucky fan. Sadly, we don’t know what book or piece of pop culture the group discussed over sandwiches and Earl Grey (maybe Kanye West’s Twitter-saga made the cut), but we do know one thing: Jim Halpert was not invited.

In fact, he’s been banned from all future meetings of the club.

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