Jessica Simpson Posts Candid, Makeup-Free Pic With Stunning Daughter, Maxwell

Patricia Grannum

Jessica Simpson posted a cute, makeup-free pic of herself and her daughter Maxwell and the resemblance is striking. In the photo, Simpson seems to have not aged a day since she released her debut album, Sweet Kisses, at the age of 16. Maxwell, who recently turned 6, is all smiles as she wraps an arm around her mother's shoulders.

Jessica captioned the photo with one word, "Smile."

The similarities between mother and daughter go beyond looks. Simpson, who has successfully made the switch from music to fashion, told People Magazine in 2016 that Maxwell might be even more of a fashionista than her mom.

"She teaches me a lot about outfits, and she is better at putting outfits together than me," Simpson told the magazine at the time. "She's the new inspiration."

In another recent Instagram post, she shared that her daughter's favorite store is MAC cosmetics. In the photo, Maxwell is rocking a very daring dark lipstick shade.

Simpson added that Maxwell has a lot of fashionable goodies to look forward to, courtesy of her mom. Jessica revealed that she's something of a fashion collector and that she has a warehouse that's filled with prom dresses, outfits from video shoots, and lots and lots of shoes.

"I have all my prom dresses. All my music video outfits. I went to a lot of proms. That's why we have a warehouse," she said. "I'm a keeper for my daughter."

But some of Jessica's fans came to her defense. As Yahoo notes, one commenter made the point that just because Jessica is a mom doesn't mean that she has to be covered up all the time as life doesn't end after you become a mother.