‘Days Of Our Lives’ May 2 Episode Recap: Marlena Tells Of Abby’s Illness, Sonny At Risk, Gabi Scared And Hurt

The Days of our Lives episode for May 2 is packed full of twists, turns, and excitement. Today’s episode of Days begins with Gabi in the prison infirmary.

Today on Days, Gabi is still in the infirmary after being attacked by other prisoners at Statesville prison. Will comes to see Gabi while he is visiting the prison to see Clyde Weston for an interview. Will believes that Gabi is innocent and admits that he is confused why Abigail would lie on the stand about a confession that never happened. Gabi reiterates to Will that Abby is out of her mind.

Gabi tells Will about her suspicions that Stefan has brainwashed Abigail. Gabi is going along with Chad’s line of thinking. Days of our Lives viewers know that Abigail has Disassociative Identity Disorder, better known as split-personalities.

Will wishes he could help out in some way and suggests he can do some reporter investigation to get to the bottom of the entire nightmare. Unfortunately, nobody at the Salem PD is disclosing any information to the press at this time. It may be awhile before Gabi is proven innocent, but it looks as if that will eventually happen.

Gabi and Will have a discussion about Will and Sonny. Gabi tells Will that they were once a very happy couple.

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Will admits that he is worried about Sonny and the fact that he is dating Leo. Will has a feeling that Leo is in cahoots with Vivian. He admits to Gabi that Sonny has no idea about the connection between Leo and Vivian.

On the other side of Salem, Days of our Lives viewers watch in dismay as Leo sets out on his mission from Vivian. It won’t be easy to seduce Sonny since he is “as stubborn as he is hot.” Leo arrives at the Kiriakis mansion with documents for Sonny to sign.

Sonny apologizes to Leo for being rude. He tells Leo about Gabi’s injuries, and they begin to bond again. Sonny admits that the whole ordeal with Gabi has him on edge. Leo states that Sonny is better at hiding his emotions than he may think. The lines between business and professional begin to blur for Sonny as Leo is beginning to wear him down with his efforts at seduction.

From jail, Abigail’s alternate personality, Gabby, calls Stefan as part of her bargain for immunity. She has given away the location of Vivian, Kate, and Marlena in exchange for immunity for herself and Stefan. The immunity does not extend to the murder of Andre DiMera.

As Gabby tells Stefan about the deal, he begs her to run and to stay away from Chad. Stefan knows that if Abby hears Chad’s voice, she will fight harder to get out. Gabby says that she wants nothing to do with Chad, and she hopes that he spends a lot of time behind bars.

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Later in the Days of our Lives episode, Abigail is able to break free of Dr. Laura and Gabby’s hold. Dr. Laura has left the keys on the desk in the fictitious office and Abigail escapes. She is extremely confused and disoriented. She calls Chad and leaves a message on his phone. Hope arrives in time to see Abby briefly before Dr. Laura regains control of Abigail’s mind.

John, Paul, and Hope all reach the tunnels in time to save the three women, Vivian, Kate, and Marlena, who are trapped inside. The airways to the room had been sealed off by Dr. Laura and the women have run out of oxygen. Luckily, mouth-to-mouth resuscitation worked and everyone seems to be doing okay. Unfortunately for Hope, she had the pleasure of saving Vivian. John was exceedingly worried about Marlena and couldn’t wait to hold her when she was breathing again.

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Hope questions the three women. Marlena tells Hope that Abigail, while not in her right mind, knocked her out. She then details that Stefan somehow transported her to the tunnels. Kate tells Hope that the same thing happened to her. Vivian attempts to defend her son, Stefan, and bring the blame back to Abigail.

Hope reveals to the women that Chad assaulted Stefan after finding him in bed with Abigail. Vivian is taken aback by this news and rushes to the hospital. Kate feels guilty since it was her telephone message that had Chad running back to the mansion in the first place.

Marlena is finally able to disclose to John that Abigail is ill and needs immediate help. Hope has learned this today on Days as well. She watched the transformation from Abigail to Dr. Laura while standing in the police department. Abigail is being detained at the station, for now. However, she has been given immunity. They won’t be able to keep her for long.