‘Conan Exiles’ Trailers Pit Conan Against IKEA Furniture Instructions, Robot Vacuum Cleaner


Funcom began the promotional push for the official Conan Exiles release in just a few days with a series of live-action videos that flips the script and asks how Conan would live in our world. The barbaric character from Robert E. Howard faces new challenges such as assembling IKEA furniture and dealing with a demonic robot vacuum cleaner.

The open-world survival game is exiting early access on the Xbox One and PC on May 8, plus will see its initial launch on the PlayStation 4. Conan Exiles has spent a relatively scant 14 months in early access yet has seen some massive changes to combat, AI, and the map in that time.

There are three amusing promotional videos in all featuring Conan versus our modern world. Conan Exiles asks how we would survive in his world while the videos flip the script and ask how he would survive in ours. The barbarian faces challenges with IKEA assembly instructions for a torture device, a robot vacuum cleaner, and a single-engine plane.

Funcom’s press release jokingly muses on Conan’s comments about his experiences.

“I have found a book ten times more diabolical than the Necronomicon or the moldering scrolls of Skelos,” said Conan the Barbarian. “It’s called Assembly Instructions.”

What’s Coming to ‘Conan Exiles’

As mentioned above, Conan Exiles has recently gone through massive changes to the game’s mechanics and features via updates to the PC and Xbox One versions in early access. The updated combat has been in the works for several months now and moves away from basic hacking and slashing to a deeper combo system based on the weapon combined with light and heavy attacks.

Further depth comes with the Purge to encourage players to build their homes and fortresses to withstand attacks from not just other players, but hostile NPC characters and creatures in the area as well. There is also a more RPG-like progression system for characters to receive perks from leveling up certain skills as well as bonuses from wearing a complete set of armor.

Those who purchased Conan Exiles in early access will receive a free update alongside the official release. This will add the final touches as well as open the all-new swamp and volcano areas for exploration. The swamp, in particular, will introduce the Lemurian faction, who “perform orgiastic rituals to worship Derketo, the twin-natured goddess who walks the line between lust and death.”

Derketo will represent the sixth religion players can have their character worship in the game and fifth avatar that can be summoned. Fittingly, the avatar is a mix of horror and beauty.