Nicki Minaj Bikini Body: Rapper Shows Off Slinky Shape In PVC Swimsuit

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If there’s one thing that Nicki Minaj knows how to do, it’s to get herself some press and attention, and her recent appearance wearing nothing more than a PVC bikini certainly got her both.

According to the Daily Mail, Nicki Minaj — who is currently promoting her successful album, Chun Li — posted some behind the scenes pictures from the video shoot for the song of the same name.

And while she claimed that the PVC outfit was a “bodysuit,” it left very little to the imagination and was, in fact, closer to a bikini in appearance.

The Daily Mail put it best when they said that the get-up “hung high on her hips and hung low on her cleavage.”

Every inch of Nicki Minaj’s curves was on display as she paired the getup with a set of thigh-high stockings and clear stiletto heels.

Nicki certainly gave her 86.3 million Instagram followers a show they won’t soon forget, and the comments were going wild with shoutouts from fans to their “bae,” “queen,” and “goddess.”

“But I’m still droppin jaws. Got’em lookin like James Harden @ the awards. #BallForMe BTS of the #ChunLi video,” she wrote on the caption.

Check out the series of photos featuring Nicki Minaj’s bodacious body — and booty! — below.

But I’m still droppin jaws. Got’em lookin like James Harden @ the awards.???? #BallForMe???? BTS of the #ChunLi video????

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Ok, so here’s the story. When you click on the link in my bio, you’ll see me with my new baby @thealiyajanell who I saw dancing to itty bitty piggy one day & fell in love with her. Long story short, I hired her. The REAL #ChunLi video DOES NOT look like what you’ll see when you click the link!!!! But after 2 days of filming, around 5am when my whole team & crew were TIRED AF, I asked her to FREESTYLE with me & this is what happened. The real #ChunLi video was directed by @stevenkleinstudio and will BLOW ur fkng mind! I love my team so much. @bcompleted on style with @brettalannelson (talking shit in the back), @kimblehaircare on my hair (top notch QUEEN Tingz) and my baby @officialsheiks on makeup (top notch QUEEN TINGZ!!!!). Video coming soon. Thx for ur patience. Love you????????????♥️ bts by @grizzleearts LINK IN MY BIO

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Nicki Minaj has been making the news as of late because of her online love fest with Amber Rose.

According to BET, Muva Rose — as she’s known to her legion of online fans — felt amorous when she saw Nicki’s barely-there getup, and left a very simple comment on her Instagram: “F–k me.”

Alrighty then!

Nicki Minaj, a friend to Muva, wrote back, “Amber stop frontin’, just seen you @ Coachella. Ya ain’t have this energy. Knock it off.” She followed up her comment with three laughing face emojis.

Amber saw the volley and sent it back to Nicki, telling her that she “had her number” if she was interested in finishing this conversation in the bedroom.

Come & get meeeeeee

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Nicki Minaj’s album, Chun Li, is out now.