‘This Is Us’: 5 Tear-Jerking Scenes From Season 2

Maarten de BoerNBC

This Is Us Season 2 left us with a finale that has us anxiously awaiting the arrival of the third season. While we speculate on Toby and the other mysterious cliffhangers that are sure to make us weep next season, below are five tear-jerking moments of This Is Us Season 2 that will remain in our hearts (get the tissues ready).

The Learning Tree

You know a show is good when a box of tissues is more needed than a bucket of popcorn. And Jack’s favorite tree provided a few tear-jerking moments that had us reaching for a Kleenex. Perhaps the weepiest of them all is when Rebecca spreads Jack’s ashes around it and promises him that the family will be okay. She comforts Kate and tells her that she can’t spend the rest of her life blaming herself for Jack’s death. But as we know, she does.

Up In Flames

The fire montage at the end of episode 13, “That’ll Be the Day,” had millions of This Is Us fans gasping as the shoddy slow-cooker ignited. The powerful sequence cut back and forth between the fire spreading and cherished memories that took place in the Pearson household. As the fire tore the house apart, the montage did the same to our hearts.

Rebecca Learns of Jack’s Death

Nothing says Super Bowl Sunday like a good game that had millions cheering, followed by a This Is Us mid-season finale that had millions crying. We knew it was going to happen. The entire show was leading us to this moment; the moment in which we all find out how Jack died (and no, knowing he was going to die didn’t make it any easier).

The world cried as we watched Rebecca on the phone as the hospital staff raced in Jack’s room behind her. But they weren’t done playing with our feelings. We then watched her process the information as her emotions went from disbelief to terror. We cried with you Rebecca. We cried with you.

Rebecca in the Car

Like Jack’s tree, the family car also provided some heavy-hitting and heartwarming moments. But the first episode of This Is Us Season 2, “A Father’s Advice,” gave us one of the most powerful scenes of the entire show.


First, as they love to do, the show set the stage with a flashback scene of Rebecca in the car, telling Jack that they are going to work through his drinking problem together. It’s an endearing scene that stayed in our hearts for episodes to come. Flash-cut to the end of the episode, the house has burnt down, Jack is dead, Rebecca is alone in the car with his belongings, and we watch her breakdown wailing in sorrow. And again, millions of This Is Us fans cried with her.

You Are My Way

“The Wedding,” otherwise known as the This Is Us Season 2 finale, enticed heavy emotions from us as we eagerly awaited Kate and Toby’ wedding. There wasn’t a dry eye in the house as we watched Kate tell her mom that she isn’t in her way, but that she was “her way.” This was immediately followed by the wedding ceremony.

Alongside her brothers, Kate walked down the aisle to Toby who was sporting his endearing smile. As we watch the two exchange vows, we hear a flashback voice-over from Jack of when Kate was a young girl (Because the wedding itself wasn’t enough to make us cry?!). Jack tells “Katie girl” that one day she’ll marry someone even better than her dad. And that whoever that person is will be the luckiest man alive.

After revisiting scenes from This Is Us Season 2 that made our hearts weep, we can look forward to more powerful moments coming our way next fall.