‘Little People, Big World’s’ Audrey Roloff Shows Off Toned Tummy Months After Baby

Audrey RoloffInstagram

Audrey Roloff only gave birth a few months ago, but the Little People, Big World star’s toned tummy shows that she’s bounced back quickly.

The reality television star shared pictures of her family’s trip to Maui, showing off her toned stomach as they took in some sun on the beach. As often happens with her social media interactions, Roloff’s picture prompted a big reaction from fans. Audrey asked followers for suggestions of places for the family to check out on Maui, and many responded with ideas for the family vacation.

Audrey Roloff’s followers have gotten an inside glimpse of her family life. She frequently shares pictures and video clips, including one of Ember Roloff’s first flight, a six-hour trip that kicked off the family vacation to Maui.

Audrey told followers that she was pretty nervous about the adventure.

“OK friends, we are headed to Maui in a few days… which means a six-hour flight with a baby still recovering from an ear infection. Eek!” Audrey Roloff shared on Instagram. “Lots of cuddles, tea tree oil, Frankincense, garlic oil, antibiotics, and prayer. Hoping she can kick this thing quick!”

Prior to that, Audrey Roloff had taken a bit of a break from social media so she could focus on the book she is writing together with husband Jeremy. As the couple shared on Facebook, the book will tell their “love story,” including their dating journey and the difficulties of maintaining a long-distance relationship.

The book is a bit of a relationship guide as well, helping equip readers to “build Godly relationships” from dating through marriage, the couple shared.

In between writing the book and caring for little Ember, Audrey Roloff apparently is devoting quite a bit of time to working out. Her picture showing off her toned stomach comes less than a year after giving birth.

Fans may get to see more of Audrey Roloff soon. The Little People, Big World star has been sharing plenty of pictures from the family’s vacation to Maui, and they may have some new adventures planned thanks to all the suggestions from her fans.