Disney Imagineer Says That New Monorail Trains Are Coming To Walt Disney World

For a very long time, there have been rumors that the Walt Disney World monorail system would receive a new fleet of trains, and it seems as if that day is finally coming. Disney Imagineer and Legend Bob Gurr spoke at a special event on Saturday night, which was for a documentary called Walt Disney: Masters of Dreamers. During that sold-out discussion, Gurr confirmed that new monorail trains are on the way to Walt Disney World.

The event consisted of a Q&A session on Facebook, which had Gurr answering a number of questions to those in attendance. It was a moment that Disney fans will always remember and making things even better was that the panel was to benefit Give Kids the World.

Bob Gurr is well known for his work at Disneyland and the majority of the transportation vehicles and rides. He worked on the Matterhorn, Autopia, Haunted Mansion, and most notably on the monorail system.

While a number of Disney questions were thrown at the panel for tonight's event, one of them simply wondered if they thought there would be a new monorail system at Walt Disney World within the next three years. Gurr didn't hesitate to field that question and answer quite confidently.

Gurr stated that "machines do not last forever" and that those in the transportation industry usually design things to last for around 20 years. The current fleet of Mark VI Monorails first started their rounds at Walt Disney World back in 1989.

There have been a number of issues with the current fleet and that includes a situation back in January which was quite frightening. While going from the Transportation & Ticket Center to Epcot, the door of Monorail Red actually opened while in motion and with guests sitting in the car.

That situation brought about new warning stickers inside the car of every monorail train, which let guests know that they should not lean on the doors while the monorail is in motion.

After answering the question, Gurr said that Bombardier is going to be the company building the new fleet of monorails if "everything works right." This is the same company that designed and created the fleet back in 1986.

Walt Disney World is long overdue in terms of getting a new fleet of monorail trains, but it appears the extended wait is finally over. While the official word has they to be released, one would have to put a lot of faith into the words of a trusted Disney Imagineer and Legend such as Bob Gurr. As the 50th anniversary of WDW nears, guests visiting during that time could very well be traveling around in a new style and updated version of the monorail.