Walt Disney World Monorail Door Opens While In Motion With Guests On Board [VIDEO]

Walt Disney World offers all sorts of different transportation for guests visiting its parks and resorts, but it certainly seems as if an upgrade is needed on its monorails. A video is now making the social media rounds and it has people in a frenzy as it shows guests riding on a monorail to Epcot with one of the doors wide open. This is an extremely frightening situation considering the train is indeed in motion and they’re very high up in the air.

The Walt Disney World monorail system is one that takes guests aboard a “highway in the sky” as they travel between select resorts and two theme parks. There is one monorail that makes stops at the three resorts near Magic Kingdom and one with a direct train from the parking lot to the park itself.

There is also a third train which connects the Transportation and Ticket Center parking lot to Epcot, and it is used by thousands of guests daily. Well, a video is going around from a couple of days ago and it shows guests riding on the monorail as usual, but one thing is very out of order.

In the video, you can clearly see the door of the monorail car they’re riding in is wide open.


A second video was posted by the user and it shows the monorail pulling into the station at Epcot with one guest trying to advise cast members of the open door. Laughter began filling the car as the train came to a stop, but you can hear the nervousness in the voices of those in the car.

It appears as if the sensors did not trip and alert cast members or operations to when the door opened while the monorail was in motion. Disney has not yet said anything regarding this situation, but WDWNT has pointed out that new “Caution” stickers have been put up in every single monorail car.

The current trains are called Mark VIs and they have been in operation since 1989, and many guests have stated that they need an upgrade. Walt Disney World may seriously take that into consideration after this incident of the doors opening while en route to Epcot. With the sensors not causing the train to stop and the video landing online, something will need to be done and it will have to be more than caution stickers.