Jan Adams: Plastic Surgeon Who Operated On Kanye West’s Mom Before Her Death Could Be On His Next Album Cover

Jan Adams gained notoriety as the plastic surgeon who operated on Kanye West’s mom before her death, and now he may be getting an even bigger spotlight after Kanye floated the idea of placing a picture of Adams on his next album cover.

The California plastic surgeon was operating on Donda West in 2007 just before her sudden death. Adams defended himself against allegations that he was in some way responsible for her death, and now it appears that Kanye West is ready to forgive. As the New York Daily News reported, Kanye contacted a friend about sharing a picture of Adams in a show of forgiveness to the surgeon.

“This is my album cover. This is plastic surgeon Jan Adams. The person who performed my moms final surgery. Do you have any title ideas?” West texted to a friend.

“I want to forgive and stop hating,” he continued.

After a week in which he drew controversy for his backing of Donald Trump, Kanye struck a more conciliatory tone over the weekend. Aside from his text about Jan Adams, Kanye also spread a message calling on followers to spread love. He included the reply from Wes that boosted West for his decision to show forgiveness.

“I think it’s exactly what you should use,” The friend wrote. “Love love love love. I’m so tired of saying and thinking the word hate. It’s wild man. After the night I came by your house and talked I’ve been forgetting and forgiving and only thinking about loving people. That was an important talk for me.”

Jan Adams has been vocal in the past about his role in Donda West’s death, calling on Kanye West to help clear his name.

“It baffles me when nobody wants to know the truth,” Adams told the New York Daily News.

“I think (Kanye) should stand up and tell the truth, and the truth will set you free. I think the truth needs to be out there. If he had any b—s or if he was any kind of man he could (speak up). But the real answer is he probably won’t.”

Adams went on the blame Stephen Scoggins, a registered nurse and Kanye West’s cousin, for not properly caring for Donda West following the cosmetic surgeries. Adams clarified that Donda West did not die during the surgery, but instead vomited and aspirated food contents into her lungs during her recovery period, the same way Jimi Hendrix died. Adams told the newspaper that Donda West was home for a day before her death.

It appears that Kanye West may now be heeding the surgeon’s advice to come clean and clear his name, though it is not clear if he actually intends to put the photo of Jan Adams on the upcoming album cover. The album is set to be released in early June.

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