Liam Payne Says That His Son Is Becoming Buddies With Louis Tomlinson’s Little Boy

The five former members of One Direction may never decide to reunite, but perhaps one day Liam Payne’s and Louis Tomlinson’s young sons will carry on their fathers’ legacies by putting together a massively popular boy band of their own.

According to the Daily Mail, Liam Payne’s and Louis Tomlinson’s baby boys are starting to get to know one another. During an interview with the German publication Bild, Liam hinted that he may soon be busy arranging playdates for his 1-year-old son Bear and Louis’ 2-year-old tot Freddie. The former boy band star revealed that he and Louis have remained friends despite One Direction’s 2015 hiatus, a year-long break that eventually became a permanent breakup. Now, the solo singers are hoping that their baby boys will form a similar bond.

“We call from time to time, and our sons are finally to get to know each other,” Liam said. “We became dads around the same time.”

Louis Tomlinson was the only former member of One Direction that Liam Payne mentioned when he was asked which band members he’s still close to.

“I’ve heard his voice every day for so many years that it’s weird not to hear from him for several months now,” Payne said of his longtime pal.

Louis Tomlinson became a father in 2016 when a former fling of his, Los Angeles stylist Briana Jungwirth, gave birth to their son Freddie Reign. Last July, Louis told ITV that he really wanted to introduce Freddie to Bear someday. Liam’s baby boy with singer Cheryl Cole was just 4-months-old at the time, so he was much too young to play with Freddie. However, as the boys get older, they’ll be able to do more things together.

“I’m really excited about having Freddie and Bear in the same room,” Louis said of his hope that the two boys would eventually meet. “It’s going to be cool.”

One Direction fans will certainly be happy to hear that Freddie and Bear are now becoming buddies, especially since it means that Liam Payne and Louis Tomlinson will be spending more time together. As long as the friendship between the two fathers lasts, there’s a chance that the members of One Direction will reunite. This is because Liam and Louis are both dedicated to making it happen.

Louis has said that “there is no question” that the band will get back together, and Liam has thrown out the idea of holding a One Direction “festival” where the guys will perform some of the group’s greatest hits along with their solo songs. However, he believes something like this won’t happen until sometime in the “distant future.”

Liam and Louis haven’t revealed whether their sons are musically inclined. However, according to the Daily Mail, Liam did recently tell PopBuzz that Bear likes to “twerk” to his father’s tunes. He also bounces around and throws his hands up in the air whenever he hears Liam Payne’s new single “Familiar.”

One Direction fans can only hope that Liam and Louis make the group’s reunion happen sometime long before Bear and Freddie become old enough to start their own boy band.

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