Abby Lee Miller Shares Gruesome Photo Of Her Surgical Incision After Cancer Diagnosis

Abby Lee Miller is showing off her battle scars. The 51-year-old dance coach recently underwent emergency spinal surgery, and she has a long road to recovery ahead of her. Luckily, she's already regained her sense of humor. She recently shared a snapshot of her surgical incision on Instagram, and the combative personality of the former Dance Moms star is on full display in the amusing caption for the graphic photo.

As reported by People, Abby Lee Miller underwent "a five-hour multi-level laminectomy" ten days ago. She had gone to the hospital complaining of neck pain, but her condition rapidly worsened to the point that she was paralyzed from the neck down. She was reportedly at death's door when she was prepped for surgery, and doctors initially thought that she was suffering from a spinal infection. However, she was later diagnosed with Burkitt lymphoma.

Abby isn't letting her cancer diagnosis completely destroy her. Due to the stubbornness that she's sometimes displayed on Dance Moms, she's developed a bit of a bad reputation. She's been known to get in some pretty ugly fights with the moms on the show, but her unwillingness to back down could be what helps her make it through this.

Because she's such a fighter, it's fitting that Abby painted her surgery as a battle in a recent Instagram post. On Friday, she shared a grisly photo of her stapled-up surgery incision. She also cracked a joke about being "stabbed in the back," which is definitely something that she would accuse someone of doing to her on Dance Moms. However, this time she was betrayed by her own body.

Abby's surgical incision is 18 inches long, and it required at least 18 staples to close it back up. Her doctor removed pieces of several vertebrae during her five hour surgery, and it's looking like the procedure was a success. Abby has regained some movement in her extremities, which is definitely a good sign, considering that her body was completely paralyzed at the beginning of her harrowing ordeal.Unfortunately for Abby Lee Miller, her fight isn't over yet. She has many hours of intensive rehab ahead of her, and she'll have to undergo radiation or chemotherapy, as well as a future surgery. Her supporters can only hope that she's still joking around and acting like the same old Abby when she shows off her second battle wound.