Did You Like Netflix’s ‘3%’? Here’s Some Other Foreign Series To Binge On

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Gone are the days when English-speaking people would see subtitles and ignore the series or movie on Netflix. Now, viewers have discovered the rich variety of series from around the world thanks to Netflix original series like Brazil’s 3%, and are ready to tune in and read the subtitles in order to find shows that are less cookie-cutter than some of the more formulaic English series.

Netflix’s 3% is a dystopian delight that already runs at two seasons. Although, for fans that binged on Season 1 of 3%, they have had to wait until April 27 to watch the second season on Netflix.

According to the AV Club, the numbers have been crunched for this series and more tuned in to 3% than for shows like The OA and Riverdale. The show 3% was the first Brazilian Netflix original and only the second non-English original for the streaming giant.

So, if you have devoured 3% and are now wondering what else to immerse yourself in, here’s a quick guide to some great foreign series currently streaming on Netflix that you can binge on once you are finished with Season 2 of 3%. Some fall within the dystopian genre, while others are outside the genre, but considered some of the best Netflix currently has to offer in regard to foreign series.

Netflix's 'The Rain,' Season 1, post apocalyptic drama series, '3%,' '3 Percent'
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The Rain

The Rain is a Danish Netflix original hasn’t actually been released yet. However, if you are ready to wait until May 4, then this might be something that will certainly put you in the same genre as 3%. Set in a post-apocalyptic universe where the rain can literally kill you, two siblings finally venture outside of the bunker that has sustained them as they search for a new world and the truth behind the virus that is carried by the rain.

Netflix's 'Dark,' '3%,' '3 Percent,' foreign series
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For those that like foreign shows, but prefer their episodes to be dubbed into English, Dark is for you. This German sci-fi series tells the story of a missing child and how this event can trigger “a mind-bending mystery that spans three generations.”

Netflix's 'The Chalet,' '3%,' '3 Percent,' foreign series
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The Chalet

If you want to branch out from the dystopian drama of 3%, The Chalet is a foreign version of the “cabin in the woods”-style of horror. Except, for those expecting the usual tropes associated with this horror sub-genre, guess again. The series runs for only six episodes and is a slow burn with plenty of mystery and backstory to keep you interested.

The general premise is that a group goes to a chalet set high in the mountains and are stranded there once a massive boulder takes out the only bridge in and out of the small town. After this event, things get sinister. The series also splices between the current day story and a mystery of 20 years earlier.

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Hotel Beau Sejour

This series from Belgium has been on Netflix for a while now. However, if you haven’t checked it out yet, make sure you block out a large amount of time. Hotel Beau Sejour is a creepy ghost story that is told from the perspective of the ghost as she tries to find out who killed her.