WWE ‘Greatest Royal Rumble’ Results: Undertaker Reigns Supreme In Casket Match

As flames fired up from the ground backed by his famed entrance music, The Undertaker wowed audiences at WWE’s Greatest Royal Rumble as he made his way down to the ring. Rusev was hoping that the Greatest Royal Rumble would be marked as “Rusev Day,” but the WWE fans in attendance were strongly behind “The Dead Man.” Many fans were surprised at the length of the match given how quickly The Undertaker defeated John Cena at WrestleMania.

For those unaware, a casket match is won by putting your opponent in a coffin and shutting the lid. The Undertaker has seen 100 pay-per-view victories and fans were ready for him to add one more to that list. The 53-year-old looked good in the ring and the match moved at a comfortable pace—with Rusev taking several powders to the outside during the match—to make sure of it. Aiden English was in the corner of Rusev and, per his usual, he added a lot of fun to the contest. At one point, English grabbed the casket door to make sure that The Undertaker couldn’t shut it on Rusev.

After taking some punishment, Rusev got some heat on “The Dead Man.” “The Bulgarian Brute” applied his usual moves, and unlike several matches featured at the Greatest Royal Rumble, the crowd was really into this contest. After applying some more punishment to The Undertaker, Rusev called for the coffin door to be opened so he could dispose of his opponent. The Undertaker then sat up in the middle of the ring and gave Rusev a looks-could-kill stare that left the audience gasping.

The Undertaker successfully applied a chokeslam on Rusev. After calling for the coffin lid to be opened, “The Dead Man” put Rusev in the casket. But before The Undertaker could shut the door on “The Bulgarian Brute,” Aiden English attempted to save his meal ticket. But the man from the dark side was having none of that.

With Rusev still securely in the coffin, Aiden English ate a big chokeslam in the middle of the ring. The Undertaker then applied his iconic tombstone piledriver on English and the crowd erupted. The Undertaker put Aiden in the casket joining Rusev, and the door was slammed shut.

WWE fans at the Greatest Royal Rumble witnessed history as The Undertaker found his 101 pay-per-view victory.