Linda Vester Pictures: Tom Brokaw’s Accuser Was Familiar Face In The 1990s Before Leaving TV To Raise A Family

Michael BucknerGetty Images

Linda Vester’s pictures are going viral after the former NBC News anchor accused Tom Brokaw of sexual misconduct — and those looking for information about Vester are finding her to be a familiar face.

The 52-year-old Vester opened up this week in an interview with Variety about alleged harassment from the legendary news anchor, including an incident in which Brokaw allegedly tried to force a kiss on her when Vester was 28. Vester also claimed that Brokaw groped her in full view of fellow employees at NBC and later showed up to her hotel room to make unwanted advances.

As Adweek noted in a 2014 story, Linda Vester had a growing profile in the industry through the 1990s but left television in 2005 so she could raise her four children. Vester said she often heard from friends who asked if she would be returning to television, but Vester said she was happy being the CEO of what she told the magazine was “Mommy, Inc.”

“I love it,” Vester said, adding that motherhood “is more draining, by far, than my old career in journalism, but I really love it.”

As Adweek noted, Vester worked her way up through the television industry, starting as an intern for a CBS affiliate in her native Cincinnati (where she worked with Nick Clooney, father of actor George Clooney), and later worked for CBS News in the Paris bureau and in Egypt. It was then that she made the jump to NBC, first working in a Tampa affiliate before joining the network as a foreign correspondent. Vester also anchored NBC News at Sunrise on MSNBC.

Linda Vester later moved to Fox News, anchoring FOXNews Live and DaySide with Linda Vester. Vester said she found a mentor in Roger Ailes, who before his death was embroiled in his own sexual harassment scandal that led him to step down from the network.

Even though she had a rising career in the television industry, Linda Vester said she knew that being a mom was her true calling.

“I just really, really wanted to be a stay-at-home mom,” she said. “I came to it late, I’d worked in television since I was 17, in high school, and met my husband late, and by the grace of God, got pregnant in my mid-thirties, and I thought, ‘I don’t want to miss anything!”

The accusations against Tom Brokaw has led to a rush of attention for Linda Vester, whose name was among the trending terms across social media this week. Many sought out pictures of Vester, and clips of her old news broadcasts have gone viral as well. But they likely will not find any new material — Vester said she has no plans to leave her retirement from the television industry.