Charlie Sheen Did Ill-Fated Comedy Tour Because He Was Broke [Video]

Charlie Sheen may be charitably handing out money to troubled stars these days, but it wasn’t too long ago the Anger Management star was strapped for cash himself. Sheen admitted that after his public Two and a Half Men rage-quit, he did his abysmal one-man comedy tour because he was flat broke.

Sheen’s 2011 feud with the producers of Two and a Half Men resulted in his dismissal from the show, and news coverage of the dust-up was coupled with reports of the actor’s bizarre behavior and outlandish personal claims, reports MSN.

He achieved national infamy for his claims of “tiger blood” and “Warlock” lineage, and followed several bizarre interviews with a comedy tour in the US and Canada called My Violent Torpedo Of Truth/Death Is Not An Option.

The show didn’t do so well, with most of Sheen’s audience likely present out of sheer morbid curiosity. Walkouts and heckling plagued the show.

Though Sheen was one of TV’s highest-paid actors during his tenure with Men, he admitted in a recent interview that he only undertook the one-man comedy show because he was flat broke.

“It was brutal,” Sheen told Piers Morgan. “I was not winning at all. I think what a lot of people don’t realize is I was completely broke, because, you know, when they kept my back end and fired me and all that, I didn’t have any money left. So I was using the tour to actually pay child support and mortgages and stuff like that. You know? So I’m grateful for that.”

Sheen recalls that his Detroit show was the worst.

“It was in Detroit… that was bad… Detroit was bad… [I was] dodging stuff. Literally dodging stuff…

“The forward momentum of it kind of lost its luster after about show seven. And I knew I had 15 or 14 left… I didn’t have an act. There was no act. I think people were expecting to show up and literally watch me die on stage or spontaneously combust or just like suddenly become cash and women. I don’t know what they were expecting…

“That’s when I had to dig deeper and keep going, keep moving forward, because I gave this company my word that I would finish this. And I did, against all odds.”

Here’s a clip of Sheen’s sit-down with Piers Morgan: